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just born...he is 1 week old today
Finally getting a chance to post! We had a home water birth VBAC with our 4th BOY!!!!   Everything was great, but had to transfer to hospital about 2 hours after birth for retained placenta. Ended up without surgery for accreta and was released a few hours afterwards. Blood loss was significant and almost needed a transfusion, but had awesome OB back up...   Miles Landon 3/5/2013 9:24 am 6 pounds 8 ounces 21 inches!!
I'm still pregnant too!! Goodness this little one just is too comfy. EDD is 2/16 or 2/19 depending on what date you use. I do have some random contx but nothing to write home about & lots of show. SHOULD BE THIS WEEK though!!!   Hang in there mamas!! Our babies will be coming out soon!!!
Just had my prayerfully last prenatal appointment...I'm 41w 4 days. I can't believe I may have a MARCH baby instead of a February baby:) It is almost humorous at this point since we were saying this exact same thing 3 years ago...except a February baby instead of a January baby.  Funny how those baby's get to decide what to do &  not the mamas. Chalking that up to our first parenting lesson with each baby we bring into the world.   All is well on our end...just...
I get that part NST/BPP part. I really don't want to do another one! I just changed my chiropractic appointment until Friday so I'll be 41-6 at that point. Yea for the over competent uterus I have. LOL
Still pregnant and sooo ready. 41-1 today by US dates. measuring 39. We have a huge storm system headed our way, so I am praying that tonight is the night for something to happen. I have an awesome mw, who is cool with me going a bit past 42, but I will have to have another BPP by 42 2. I accidentally got one at 39-6 and scored a perfect 8 which was great. We thought baby was breech & I needed to get it checked out & they did the BPP at that time since I was...
I'm 41w 1 day today & my last baby came at 42-1. I WANT TO GO INTO LABOR and hold my squishy baby. I guess I'm off to have sex tonight.
YEA for you mama!! You DID IT!!! Your girl name is awesome...same one we selected if we have a girl (both are family names for us).
I am planning on encapsulating myself. I am going to do it a few days after birth. I found a few do it yourself versions on the internet & figure if I mess it up, well, how messed up could it be? I'm going to wash, steam, cut, dry and grind. I have a capsule holder to fill.   Everyone thinks it is gross to do this in my family, so I'm going to send them out while I do it.
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