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Generally speaking, self feeding is best, but some kids may need baby food. I recommend to puree your own.
I'm looking for a friend...anyone know of a good HB MW in or around Joplin, MO? Thanks!
Rude, no question.
Quote: Originally Posted by RiverSky I agree, it's most likely time for a new pediatrician. Why don't you give him a call first, and tell him that you are not going to vaccinate this child at all, and ask if he will support you in your decision or not? In my town, many pediatricians will not accept patients who do not vaccinate, others will accept it but will say clearly that they don't agree, others are perfectly on board and don't mind at all if...
Another vote for cloth. Way better than any sposie I've ever used.
I prefer on cue too.
I say if they need to nurse in public, then they need to. My 3 1/2 yr. old still does. No issues thus far!
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan Sigh, I'm not seriously recommending this because it is against the user agreement to do so, and it wouldn't actually help anything, but have you thought about getting a bottle? And filling it with ice water? And pouring it on your friend's head? : to this too!!
Quote: Originally Posted by _betsy_ "This works for us. If you're that offended, maybe you should cover *your* head." : NO! You are NOT wrong!! There's no way for me to be able to tolerate that. Can't stand watching me nurse? See ya.
Def. update. l know TWO moms right now having boys, both circing. Very frusterating. So she must have had a us then? Funny to hear your sister doing things differently than you. Any chance she's HBing? OT, but curious. The suggestions above are good. Until you know. Good luck!
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