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ick. is that what the elf on the shelf I keep seeing is supposed to be for?!?! Im exasperated. ick. why not just have a 'mole on the shelf' and dress him up in an elf suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by MomToKandE On the other had as a parent now we are doing Santa (dh very much wanted to) and I'm not really sure how to respond to my 8 year old's gentle probing as she's starting to figure out that this whole thing doesn't really make sense. My sister told me: just keep answering the same way, even when they are 20, 30, etc. That always stayed with me. I have come to think of that as incredibly sweet and caring. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Coltrane My MIL is visiting from North Carolina and I want to do a few things with her and my Dh and kiddos while she is here. She will stay until Dec 1st. I live in Pike, NH- near Woodsville, Plymouth, littleton, NH and not a far drive to places in VT like Montpelier, Barre, White River, etc. Any ideas? Hi Mama Coltrane...... the Montshire Museum is SOOOOOO wonderful!!! Incredible, extremely interactive, fun...
What does your 11 (or so) year old dd like to read? my dd loves nancy drew but she gets through them so fast it makes more sense to use the library for those. she has enjoyed things like: nory ryans song, maggies door, the little britches series,.... any suggestions? thanks!!
oh god. just looking at my thread title standing out in bold letters is making me sick. so shameful and embarrassing. : (again, any help would be appreciated.)
I want this to be the last time I EVER have to take a tums because I am so sick from having eaten too much junk, too fast, etc., yuck yuck yuck anyone go to OA? use the online version? or have a sponsor they can reach by phone? (there are no meetings anywhere near me; Ive checked.) this is horrible. any thoughts will help. -thanks-
when you quote a portion of an article you are linking to.... how do you get those cool little boxes around the part of the link you are quoting? It doesn't look like just copy and pasting does that. TIA!
Quote: Originally Posted by talia rose really strange the link does not work. i posted it in the obama fan club and it works there. let's try a different way http://s285.photobucket.com/albums/l...t=b62ba444.pbr here's the video link again, for easy access! :::
bumpity bump bump bump....... love this thread!!!! Have searched for an hour to find it again! I remembered the 'manifesting' video you posted, talia rose. it pops into my head often lately. the more negative stuff I hear and read, the more it pops up. such a gentle, refreshing, enlivening reminder and a bright ray of hope. bumping to keep it popping up in others minds as well! ::
Quote: Originally Posted by Freud Tell me about your fake diamond. it's kind of a diamond in the rough...... he got a nice ring, but it was: a) more money than I ever would want him to spend on a piece of jewlery and, b) precious jems not checked about being conflict diamonds/jems (emeralds) so..... I made him take it back and get me a really great vacuum!! (I did look a little funny walking down the aisle with it, though)
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