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The newborn size prefolds come in handy as doublers and wipes later on, so if you're not on a super-tight budget, I'd go ahead and get them. Otherwise, you can make do with the yellow-edge.
I have a friend who needs full-time care for her 3-year-old in Oklahoma City. Any leads?
Right now we are living on a shoestring so dh can stay home. Before that, we were paying nearly $1200 a month for child care for one child full-time and the other outside of school hours. The only way we were able to make it work at all is that we live in an area with a low cost of living. I totally sympathize!  
I work full-time, but for a long time before that I worked half-time and was a student. :)
She reads The Cat in the Hat, Max and Ruby, Curious George, books like that fluently. She doesn't do so well with more advanced reading material, although she likes having it read to her; we just listened to the first Harry Potter book on a road trip and she stayed engaged with it the whole time.  
I would go with the BG. I really like them.  
I'm a librarian, which is the job I always wanted, but it's actually even better than I thought it would be.
Put them in the dryer on air fluff for five or ten minutes before you hang them out. Problem solved.
I don't think it's a good idea to Snappi coverless diapers. Too many accidents have happened.   And I have never been able to get a good coverless fold with flats. They always fall off and/or leak poop all over the floor.
I don't like flats, because the folding is tedious and I never have been able to get the hang of using them coverless. I wouldn't recommend them unless you don't have your own washer and dryer. If I did have to use them, I would use them Snappied under a snap-closing cover, to keep them from falling off.
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