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I left her with Grandma and everything went fine, although I don't especially think I made a good impression even without a baby on my chest, but whatever, at least we're together now.
Yes, it is a female-dominated profession. Probably three-quarters female. (However, of my current co-workers, the only one who currently has non-grown children is a man. He has brought his kids to work with him several times. He isn't going to be at the convention though, he's back at work babysitting my co-workers who also aren't going. I don't know why I'm explaining all of this!)
No, I can't do that because my mother has to be home when my four-year-old gets home from school. Thanks for the suggestion though Quote: Originally Posted by amma_mama I voted for leaving her with Grandma. It is only for a few hours, I assume (since you mentioned "a" bottle of milk), you have no reservations about the care or the baby's ability to cope up with the absence. If you don't want to spend so much time apart, can you take your mother and...
I have a convention to attend 30 miles away today, at which I will meet future employers. I am not currently looking to change jobs, but I probably will be looking in a year or so. I also have a 5-month-old I'm very attached to who goes into a trance whenever I put her on my chest in the baby carrier and stays quiet for hours--it's magical. I want to take her, just because she's my sweet little baby and I don't like leaving her. However, I CAN leave her with my...
I was just re-looking at the Diaperaps swim diapers and it looks like they've changed their sizing, or at least their names for the sizes. My kid was somewhat tall and skinny but not extremely so.
I had a size medium Diaperaps swim diaper for DD1 that lasted three summers! (8 months, 1 1/2 years, 2 1/2 years)
I have tried them both and I like them, but I like these even more. I think I will order a few more of the Swaddlebees today.
With DD1 I loved prefolds and snap wraps, but the only covers that fit according to my specifications--to accommodate either fastened or unfastened prefolds, one during the day or two at night--was the Bummis snap wrap, and I didn't like that it only came in white. I tried other brands, but they either leaked or didn't fit right. Fast forward, now there seem to be a number of snap wrap choices and I am so happy! Good thing I have another baby to try them out on, right?!...
My favorites are Dritz diaper pins that I buy at my local Hancock Fabrics. But, my mom has a hard time with them, so I'm thinking about opening the package of Gerber pins someone gave me when I was pregnant and seeing if those are more like the ones she used on me.
Adorable baby and good pinning job.
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