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I really like regular 4x6x4 prefolds you can find at clothdiaper.com. They aren't for tiny newborns or large toddlers or very heavy wetters, but still they fit a very wide range of sizes, dry quickly and are easy to care for. Those are my favorites. I also like the one Econobum prefold I have. I like GMD prefolds too but it kind of depends on your baby's size and shape.
Prefolds and flats are awesome. Everything Blue Penguin makes is 100% natural fibers. Mother-ease makes fitteds in organic cotton. Osocozy makes 100% cotton fitteds and AIO's with cotton inners. Growing Greens, Snug-to-fit, Kissaluvs organic, Under the Nile, Snugglebottoms...are other fitteds I can think of. You could get a custom Very Baby or Bum-ware with cotton on the inner. Bumkins AIO's have cotton inners, too.
I did this when DD1 was a baby and someone else here did it before that, but I wanted to do it again. I poured 8 ounces of water into each of four bowls, then put a diapering item in each bowl, then added more water if necessary, then dripped them, then measured the water that was left, to get absorbency for each of the four things I tend to use in covers or pockets. Here's what I got: Blue Penguin hemp doubler = 4 oz 27" birdseye flat = 8 oz Fuzzi Bunz...
She is 4 months. Thank you.
Can I say my daughter is "exclusively breastfed" when her diet consists of approximately 3 bottles of breast milk per week and nursing the rest of the time?
Blue Penguin POSO? Although I'm not sure about the gussets.
Ironically, I don't have any MEAF's this time around! But I am thinking of getting some, because we are having nighttime leaking.
Staydry can be helpful when you can't change right away.
Well, here I am again. DD2 is four months old, exclusively breastfed and does nurse at least every 6 hours around the clock but not a whole lot more than that--like maybe 5 times a day most days, maybe 6 or 7 times a day on weekends when I'm home. I've been having not eggwhite, but certainly wet, cervical fluid. I asked dh if he wanted to put on a condom just to be on the safe side and he said no, we're supposed to be good until the baby is 6 months old. Soooo, yesterday...
I always had 25-26 day cycles, which were headed down to 24 days just before conceiving DD2. I don't think it's a health problem, but if you're using FAM for pregnancy prevention you should shorten the first 5 days rule to the first 3 days, just to be on the safe side. Ask me how I know
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