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As I said to another poster, This is why God invented the Minishower. I got mine years ago from Katie's Kisses. It attaches to the toilet--my non-handy dh installed it in just a few minutes--and you spray all the poop into the toilet, where it's supposed to go. I don't know how people use cloth diapers without one.
Still on the lookout for a laundry detergent I can buy at Target that's HE-compatible and doesn't have optical brighteners, I convinced Target Corp. to fax me (yes, fax me!) the safety data sheet for the Up&Up brand laundry detergent. My answer: Polyethylene glycol, diethanolamine, sodium dodecylbenezenesulfonate, and methyl ester ethoxylate. Sorry I asked? Google tells me that the first ingredient is a dispersant, the second is a wetting agent, and the last two...
Always on the lookout for an optical-brightener-free, HE-friendly laundry detergent that I can buy at Target (because I'm sick of shopping at Wal-mart and I don't want to order online), I am trying Clorox Greenworks. Like, as we speak. Has anyone else tried it? Also, does anyone know if the Target store brand detergent contains optical brighteners?
A wetbag can be reused more times than a trash bag. That's why. If you have a top-loading washing machine, try something cheap like Sun detergent. Optical brighteners are bad for PUL, and free & clear laundry detergent brands tend to be loaded with them. Also, cotton diapers are easier to launder than hemp or synthetics, so keep that in mind.
I would get prefolds and covers for home and AIO's (possibly with organic cotton inners) for the baby-sitter.
GMD and Diaper-rite prefolds are both good. So, for that matter, are normal DSQ prefolds, although they may not be as conveniently sized. Both of my babies needed newborn sizes in the beginning, and my older child was quite large when she potty trained, so she needed four distinct sizes of Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers, though she was in mediums the longest. My older child went through 10 diapers a day from birth until the start of potty training, so I needed around...
I use Sportwash--it's the only thing I buy at Wal-Mart. It works fine on my baby's diapers but doesn't always get the man smell out of my dh's clothes.
Job Description: Juliacat's Perfect Diaper Required Qualifications: Must be a hook-and-loop closing all-in-one with a waterproof outer, a 100% cotton inner, and an externally attached quick-drying absorbent soaker. Preferred Qualifications: Should be made from a durable inner material (e.g. not flannel). Outer material should be good quality. Soaker should be sewn on rather than snapped on. Should come in something other than plain white. Should come with a doubler...
I used these a lot on DD1 and always washed them with the diapers.
I don't know. Both Tide and Tide Free contain optical brighteners, which are bad for PUL.
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