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Oh. I thought you meant filling the washer up with cold water and throwing the diapers in, using it as a wet pail and spinning them out and then washing them. That's what I was talking about and I felt like it set odors in more than anything else. If you aren't soaking them and you don't need the machine for anything else, then it seems to me like an okay thing to do. Quote: Originally Posted by ChetMC How is this any different than using a dry...
Wow, Ikea sells flats. Fun!
I've experimented with this at my mother's house, and you know, I honestly think they get cleaner using a dry pail. I my minishower.
I basically use DSQ prefolds, Swaddlebees ABC snap wraps, and Bumkins AIO's. Occasionally I try something else for fun, but it isn't necessary.
I love that they are cheap, one-size, and easy to clean. I dislike that they are a pain in the a$$ to fold, take up a lot of room on the clothesline, and I cannot for the life of me use them pinned coverless. Snappied or folded and used with a cover, they work fine, although poop is hard to get out of all the little creases. I definitely prefer prefolds!
We use a plain, uncovered kitchen trash can.
I have found that the prerinse really does make the difference when it comes to removing stains, even when the diapers have already been prerinsed in the toilet. But if you don't care about stains, it's probably not strictly necessary. Just my opinion.
This is why God gave us the minishower, SQ.
Quote: Originally Posted by yamilee21 The main thing that is wrong with Bumkins now is the crazy jacked up price\ ITA. Thanks for the advice about the Prorap AIO. I think I will order one and see what I think.
I said I wanted it to be three-sized, not one-sized. I have a Very Baby AIO on order. It's not really in my price range to have even a dozen of them, though. The Mother-ease AIO has an internal soaker, so that's not good. And I think Bottombumpers has a snap-in, which isn't my preference either. I'm wondering about the Prorap AIO--it gets bad reviews, but then so does Bumkins, which I love.... I will let you know if the Very Baby fits my bill. I am also looking...
New Posts  All Forums: