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I want to add that we bought our front loader before we had kids, but I knew that we wanted to have them and that we were going to cloth diaper. I had read online that front loaders are hard to use with cloth diapers, but my best friend IRL was cloth diapering and using a front loader and she said it was no problem, so I went with her recommendation and I'm glad I did.
Actually I have always been more into pretty solid colors than prints, but it should definitely come in more than just white.
Okay, I'll play. Machine: Frigidaire Crown, 8 years old Water: Medium Detergent/Soap: Sportwash, slightly less than one capful Water Softener: No Dipes: At present, only cotton diapers, with polyester covers and hemp doublers Add-ins for Weight:None Routine: Cold short wash with no detergent, followed by hot/heavy wash with detergent and an extra rinse. Ever have STINK: Occasionally with polyester-content diapers. Ever add hot water? How?: When attempting to...
The problem I had when researching cloth diapers in 2004 has actually gotten worse in six years: gazillions of different kinds. So I've decided to make the problem even worse yet by designing my ideal cloth diaper--at least mentally! I have zero sewing skills and zero design skills but here's a description. I want it to be as easy to use as a disposable diaper but (almost) as easy to wash as a prefold. So it would have to be a quick-drying "true" AIO with hook-and-loop...
I had a hard time using prefolds on a brand-new newborn, both times. I can't explain why, but with both kids they were 3 weeks old before I could deal with anything other than fitteds. Anyway, but I might just be weird in that department, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Swaddlebees ABC snap wraps. You can just fold the diaper into it and snap it on the baby. Pins and Snappis are good to have, too, though, because pins allow you to let the baby go coverless for breathability, and...
I've tried them both and like them both. I like the Thirsties Duo with snaps a little bit more, but I can't explain exactly why. My husband likes that the Flip has a flap at either end for tucking the diaper in. Of course, I like the Swaddlebees ABC snap wrap better than any other diaper cover in existence.
I love Bumkins when I stick a doubler under the airflow panel. I'm also trying a Wallypop pocket for the first time.
DD1 started child care 1 day a week at 18 months. Our situation is different now, so DD2 has already started child care 5 days a week at only 9 months, although it's only part-day. I thought 9 AIO's would be sufficient for daycare and 12 would be generous. Well, here we are on Day 4 of child care and it turns out that 12 diapers is only just barely enough! I could probably save by sending her there in a prefold every morning, but I'm using it as an excuse to buy another 6...
Would it help to use prefolds or fitteds or AIO's instead of pocket diapers? Then you wouldn't have to have a pile of things to stuff.
I use standard 4x6x4 prefolds.
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