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Prefolds with Swaddlebees ABC snap wraps. In fact, that IS all I use, except for daycare.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beauchamp Aw, geez. What do you cover them with? I think prefolds would be the end of my DH ever changing another dipe. Very often, I don't cover them with anything. But when dh changes diapers, he quadfolds them into a Swaddlebees ABC snap wrap. It isn't any harder than any other kind of diaper. Even my father-in-law can do it!
This is why I use all prefolds.
I understand where you're coming from. I think you should just buy some newborn diapers--either something like Snugglebottoms that isn't very expensive, or something like Kissaluvs that has high resale value. Then your baby's bottom will be covered, and then you can worry about what to buy in the larger sizes.
On both of my babies, I ONLY liked fitteds until they were a month old or so, and after that I liked prefolds best. Pockets and AIO's leaked newborn poop. If I were having another newborn, I would get all Snugglebottoms newborn fitteds, then get all regular prefolds.
Swaddlebees ABC Snap Wraps.
You will save a LOT of money. I can't even begin to imagine how much it would cost to diaper twins in disposables.
I think cloth is actually easier to travel with because if it's what you're used to, it's one less thing to have to adjust to. I changed a Snappied prefold in an airplane bathroom 2 months ago and lived to tell about it but it was not on my list of top one thousand favorite life experiences.
Okay, how's THIS for a new development? Grandad was unable to watch her this morning so I enlisted my male friend (who has teenagers and was a very involved dad when they were babies, but they used disposables) to baby-sit, and HE put the baby in a MEOS with a BGOS over it! The only reason I have pockets at all is for other people to use, but it sounds like I could have saved my money and just bought prefolds and fitteds with covers like I like. Seriously, I am super...
I left baby with Grandad and came back to find her in a red Fuzzi Bunz (not coincidentally the color of Grandad's favorite sports team) with a prefold trifolded into it. She has a huge bubble butt, but it should hold her! I'm trying to decide if I should let it go or if I should show Grandad where the regular diaper covers are--he's going to be babysitting every morning for the next week and if he's going to trifold prefolds anyway, using regular covers would make it...
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