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Once you get used to flats, they're pretty easy, but they do take longer to fold than prefolds, and you need to use two at a time. Plus I never could get the hang of using flats coverless.
I have brought cloth while traveling and thrown them in either a hotel coin-op machine or a relative's washer. It has not been a big deal at all. I think sposies would be a pain because I'm not used to them, plus I hear they leak.
Yes, I used them when DD1 was a toddler. I have trouble getting pants on a little baby.
We like coverless diapers around the house, and DD2 is starting to learn to take off the Velcro fitteds, so I may actually "have to" buy some MEOS in the pretty colors they've come out with since DD1 was a baby. Actually, DD1 went through a phase where she'd take off snap diapers too and so we had to keep her in covers and onesies all the time, but fortunately that phase didn't last too long.
Yesterday my mom was saying--not complaining, just saying--that cloth diapers are way, way, way more expensive now than they were when I was a baby. I thought about this for a long time and then said, "You can get a dozen flat diapers for $12.50." My mom was impressed. "Really? That's comparable to what they cost back in my day. Do they work?" I said, "Yes, they work, but I don't prefer them." My mother then admitted that she prefers prefolds and fitteds, too,...
I really, really, really, really, really like fitteds for brand-new newborns.
I could do with a stash of nothing but prefolds and Thirsties Duo snaps. So could dh. But I don't have the guts to take that to child care. And my mom will only do coverless and she is dreadful at pinning, even though she used pins on me--she says the prefolds were less thick and absorbent then, which made them easier to pin. And I will not let her use a coverless Snappi, it's too dangerous and anyway she isn't too good at that either. But I can still daydream
My original goal in researching cloth diapers was to have all one kind, to simplify, to say "Please get me a diaper" and no one would have a problem figuring out what kind. Then I tried everything--and had a lot of fun doing it. But, I've figured out that there is no one kind that will fit all of my needs in every situation. I HAVE, however, narrowed it down to 2 or 3. I like prefolds BEST, mostly because I like knowing that my baby is pooping in something that...
Oh, and Drummer's Wife, dh and I like the BG AIO's too, they just seem like overkill when we can use prefolds, and daycare providers would probably prefer Velcro closures. Oh, and I like your signature very very much.
That is so funny, because a month or so ago we were at my cousin's graduation party and my husband was chatting with a male friend of my cousin's who has a pregnant friend who is trying to decide between cloth and disposables. Well, dh happened to change the baby's diaper during their conversation, and the guy exclaimed several times that he was definitely going to tell his friend to use cloth because it was soooooooo easy!!!!! Guess what kind of diaper it was? A Snappied...
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