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Unfortunately, Dr. Savatiel is no longer doing OB.  Otherwise, I would have highly recommended her.  Have you considered the birth center?  Homebirth?  If you're looking for a hospital birth, try East Cooper Women's Center (Williamson & Stickler, preferably).
Yes, it's in the regs: http://www.scdhec.gov/administration...ocs/61-102.pdf page 12
Welcome to Charleston! I believe you can search this forum and find several threads on moving to Charleston. But to answer your question, there are several licensed midwives here. Here is a link to the directory: http://www.sc-midwives.org/directory.html 3 of the 4 are dear friends and you'd be well served by any of them. Best of luck! Mandy
www.charlestondoulas.com She'll just need to ask as part of her interview if the doula has a sliding scale/payment plan. 2 of the doulas are also childbirth ed instructors, so she can see that in their bio and contact them for prices. I'm not sure if they do any sort of sliding sclae/payment plan, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
We have an opportunity again to help breastfeeding mothers (and families) in South Carolina. Rep. Ann Peterson Hutto has introduced a bill supporting breastfeeding mothers with regard to custody/visitation. The proposed bill, #H4411, states a judge must take into account the breastfeeding relationship for a child up to the age of 2 when deciding on custody/visitation. We already have a few co-sponsors: Chip Limehouse, Leon Stavernacus, and Joan Brady. That's great, but 3...
Opening Game Day!!! Thanks, Coloradomama for starting the thread again. I think this must be our 4th or 5th year?! Today started out with great wonder as to how my beloved Vols would fair with our new coach. Well, if today's game is any indication, we could be in for quite a year. 63-7!!! Woo-hoo!!! Looking around at the other SEC teams... SC won on Thursday The Dawgs LOST today! Bama is losing at halftime Florida killed CSU as expected And it seems...
Search this forum for Charleston as there are many threads asking these same questions. Briefly, there are Farmer's Markets in just about each area of Charleston with the biggest one being downtown. There are also several CSA's and other food co-op's. There is a playgroup, Family Playtime, that has a lot of this info posted on their Yahoo group, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FamilyPlaytimeSC/ For peds, there are couple who will work on a delayed/selective schedule. ...
Well...I don't know that I have any cousins as young as 22 but some did go to Pin Oak, though they're in their mid 30's! My family are the Wallace's. Blackapple- ditto. My family has been in the area for several generations. I, however, have never lived there. My mom and dad moved to Knoxville when I was born and that's where I lived my adolescence. My parents divorced when I was 5 and my dad has been back in Lexington (Chesterfield, really) ever since. As I...
Very neat! I'd venture to say then that our families would know one and other. Dare I ask how old you all are? I'm guessing you probably would know one or more of my cousins. Because, well, quite frankly, there's quite a few of us!
Wow! It's great to see at least 2 women in Lexington who don't fit the norm for the town! I usually get the "you aren't from here" looks when we go into town. My dad and all of his family along with much of my mom's family live in Lexington (actually mostly Darden). We visit at least once a year. Are you all natives or did you move into the area?
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