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Quote: Originally Posted by Lazyhead Sweet! I'm going to see BSS on Saturday. With a friend. DH is staying home with DD. I'm very excited! So what's up with those mixes ya'll? Did you forget about me? : no forgettin' about you, lazy. just way too wrapped up over here. i promise it'll come soon. have fun at bss......you know i love to watch boys and i spent the evening playing dreamy with the bass player. mmmmmm....scruffy,...
yes, i think kate was pregnant. didn't she mention that to her husband before she left? wow! 3 months....
I loved it! She is an amazing storyteller!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ericaz Here's their myspace site. diggin it! thanks for the link!
Saw BSS on Friday along with Do Make Say Think, who BTW, were really good. Totally instrumental. Anyway, BSS put on a great show. The venue was perfect. Only 2 of the women were there....I think Julie and Leslie? Anyway, it was so nice to go see a good show locally.
Quote: Originally Posted by ericaz Nope, she's not. I've heard she's not even in the states. They're playing here next week but I'm not going. Not worth it for me if Feist isn't there... well, since i can't be picky b/c i don;t get to see many good shows....i'm gonna have a good time!
Oh, and they're playing here again in December.
Quote: Originally Posted by EastonsMom New here but had to post. Dh and i love indie rock, what is 'popular' right now horriable. It is a breath of fresh air and hidden talent. If anybody is looking for new stuff you have got to check out these guys from our hometown of Athens, GA they are getting more attention slowly. If you read paste they have been getting rav reviews from them. I hate to shamlessley promote our friends but hey, I wouldn't do it...
I'm going to Broken Social Scene on Friday. Has anyone heard Oxford Collapse? They're playing locally next week and their description sounded interesting.
I really enjoyed eko.
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