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We were slipping, so I thought I'd bounce it back up. Quiet here today.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Lazyhead I went to see Yo La Tengo last night. I forgot how much I LOVE that band!!! Well, I guess I didn't forget but it was great to see them. They played some good older tunes like Little Honda, Hot Chicken #1 and Autumn Sweater as well as lots of the new album which I am obviously not as familiar with. They are such a good live band. It was only the 3rd time I've seen them which seems so crazy to me since I've seen...
My doula was for my 2nd birth....before I became a doula myself. And, in retrospect, no, she wasn't what I would have expected her to be. My husband will tell you she was "worthless" (and my friends will tell you she was downright mean to them). Me? I'm tepid, I guess, about her services. Seeing how I work with women now is totally different than what she offered me. But, that's the point, I guess, of having options, no?
Charleston, SC....anywhere between $300-$500, I'd sayt. I charge $400 with 3 prenatals, birth, and 2 postpartums. I think I'm getting ready to go up, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Starr Oh where oh where is Chersolly? She always has the good spoilers. No kidding...I've been wondering. Anyone?
i looked through my library at itunes and mostly went from there....i didn't wanna have to look (and buy) a bunch of new tunes. there were plenty more I would've included, but I managed to narrow it down!
one thing i'm bummed about though...i wanted to add a husker du song and there was nothing at itunes, so i went elsewhere and when i tried to download the computer went wonky. so, alas, no husker du.
13 weeks straight up Lost!
i forwarded the addresses to you. the only one missing is corbinsmama.
i'll need corbinsmama's address, please!!
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