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ok, finished mix...burining them now. how many?last time was 5, are we up to 6 or 7?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jazzmin It is such a toss up. I can make a mix of 80's music I liked in the 80's. Or I can make an 80's mix of music I appreciate now. They are both so different from one another. The first would be fun, but you would probably never listen to it again. The latter would probably get more spin, but not as fun. What to do.... HOw about half and half on 1 CD? I've weeded it to 20 songs.....need to get rid of about...
Ditto what dewi said. Continue to take through the labor and birth into postpartum. Also, eliminating all white flours and refined sugars. Good luck!!!
Many blessings to your family.
One thing is a new protocol (well, new in hospitals here at least, due to recent study) that says it is much more dangerous to suction the babes (either bulb or delee suction) than to let them be.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lazyhead I gotta tell ya, as a fellow lover of the Material Girl, I am having a HECK of a time picking just one of her songs for my 80's mix! oh, i know exactly which one i'm gonna do!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Lazyhead OK, DH convinced me mix TAPES are a bad idea. So I'm going back to the 'ol cd format. Now I just have to figure out a way to get a few choice tracks onto my computer (that are not available for purchase through itunes...). Anyway, my 80's mix can be ready whenever. Are we gonna do it? me, ericaz, zoe398, con leche, CorbinsMama...Jazzmin & hip mama are you guys in? absolutely.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lazyhead Personally, I would choose GHV2 by Madonna! Me too!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by CarrieMF "brief" is 13 weeks. The season used to be alot shorter, ending at the beginning of April. now it is May and even some close to the end of May. The make the same number of shows but have more breaks. It's all due to $$$$$$ and sweeps months(Aug, Nov, Feb, May). how they do in sweeps determines alot of their advertising and how they make their money. that and all the fans givin 'em hell about the...
Quote: Originally Posted by ericaz OT Night weaning sucked but I had to do it. Isadora was 2.5 and I was losing my mind with the night nursing....she was starting to get rough and demanding and wanted to *hold 'em* all night long. So, after a few false starts we got the ball rolling. On the advice of a dear friend we decided to let dh take over bedtime duty and I got to sleep in the other bedroom. Best. Sleep. EVER! It took about a month and was hard...
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