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oh, lawdy, lawdy finch. what's happening?
Some of you might be interested in this (Seeing free shows in exchange for registering voters) Alas, nothing here in SC.
For me, the 3rd has been the more difficult to lose weight from. And after a 3rd pregnancy, my boobies are quite droopy! BUT, I don't care!!! I feel great, eat well, and exercise. Yes, sometimes I think it would be nice to have perky boobies again and a belly that doesn't jiggle...but such is life!
aaahhhh, yes! Welcome little Isaac. How ya doing, mama?
It's on right now.
A woman's cervix is usually posterior through pregnancy and sometimes even into labor. It's tucked nicely I would assume for extra precaution. It usually begins to move anterior late in pregnancy. I've also had clients who had a posterior cervix at onset (or thereabout) of labor.
Quote: Originally Posted by mollyeilis IMO, no, not sweet. My dad now has all of his kids' names tattooed on his arms, and to me it's the CREEPIEST THING EVER. I wish he'd asked before putting my name on there, I would have refused permission. Maybe I'll change my name. egads! I have a nice little goddess with my girl's names tattooed on my forearm....wonder if they'll think i'm creepy?
Quote: Originally Posted by hip_mama Sent my mixes out today guys Hope you all like them. LMK when they get there. I recieved one today too! Thanks Zoe. I haven't listened to it yet but im really excited too. You have put a couple of my favs. on it: Cool, I'm ready for another! What are your favs?
Quote: Originally Posted by firstkid4me Alcohol has been shown to reduce milk production though, kellymom.com does not recommend beer for milk production. I know this isn't the correct place to debate this subject...I'll end with this. Research does conclude that it's of course not the alcohol itself that enhances breastfeeding, it's the polysaccharides from barley that DO increase prolactin levels. Research is still inconclusive if this...
The dog thing was totally disturbing. I know that's why I love this show, but that was too twisted for me. :shudder:! Quote: Originally Posted by firstkid4me The lactation consultant's recommendation that she have a beer to relax the mom so the milk can flow made me want to slap her I must have missed this part, so I don't know the context...but if there was no other circumstance surrounding that statement, then I would find that perfectly...
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