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We'd love to do a meetup. We live right in Hotel Circle in Mission Valley. My DD is 4 and we're waiting on her little brother's arrival within the next 2-3 weeks. After I get settled with the baby, we'd love to do some playdates.
We got a custom from http://home.iprimus.com.au/seagerje/index.html - it's awesome!
Our DD gets one food item in her basket - this year it's a pack of Reese's Pieces shaped like a carrot. The rest is all toys - roller skates, markers & coloring pad for them, and bouncy balls shaped like Easter eggs. We do an Easter egg hunt, and the eggs are filled with quarters, more bouncy balls (she's obsessed), and some tiny milk chocolate eggs.
What an awesome company. I got in on it pretty late and only got $30 of credit, but it's still totally great for them to do this.
I have: 11 prefolds 8 prefitteds 2 fitteds 3 covers (when we had DD she mainly hung out coverless at home so I didn't buy many) 5 pockets 2 AIOs 12 disposable Flip inserts (for going out?) We typically use disposables when out for the first few months, so hopefully by then we'll be into my medium stash, which is much bigger. I didn't want to build a big newborn/small stash since my DD only wore them for ~2-3 months.
Actually, djenya, Sanderling will offer 5th grade next year as well. It will be broken into 1st grade, 2/3 grade, & 4/5 grade. Their plan is to build one grade each year so that in a few years they will be K-8.
I'd use it to pay our cable bill this month.
Sounds awesome! Tecolote Shores playground is an awesome one that we've been going to. Anyone interested in a meetup there on Wednesday? ZoeyZoo, we can totally do weekends or nighttimes, too!
Legoland also has Sea Life Aquarium, which is right in the same parking lot. That's indoors and lots of fun - you can call ahead to ask what times they feed each specific animal and try to be there for that. My DD loved it there.
Thanks! Adding to our library list now ...
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