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I've always heard that second babies come late! This is baby #2 for us - DD came at 38 weeks exactly, so I'm thinking that this one will be somewhere around 38-39 weeks.
Wow, what a good deal! Any way to make it sweeter with free shipping?
We're using Learn At Home, grade K next year. My criteria were that it needed to have each day planned out with what to do, require minimal prep time, and that it be inexpensive (it's only $14!). So I'm sure we'll change our minds throughout the year and try new things, but at least I have a 'main' coursebook to start off from.
We will be doing it. We are attending a wedding July 9th in Wyoming, and then flying home to NJ for 6 weeks from there. We'll have a 2-3 month old and our 4 year old daughter. Although we live here in CA, it's not home to me - we just moved here last year, and I know I'll feel much more comfortable being home in NJ for the summer where my family is. It's all about your comfort level, and it doesn't sound like you'll be comfortable there, so I wouldn't do it.
We only use snaps - we wanted diapers that would last a long time through many children, especially when they were old enough to pull their diapers off. My daughter was able to pull off disposable diapers after she turned a year old, but our cloth dipes with snaps never came off!
Planned and purchased. We'll be using Learn at Home, grade K. With lots and lots of fun educational activities thrown in.
I'm 30 weeks (as of yesterday) and it just hit me that this is really it - 2.5 months to go! It feels like forever, though - especially since I'm pretty much done most of what I need to do. Just a few things left to pick up, and we'll be set!
This little guy gets hiccups at least twice a day - it must be so frustrating for him!
The main thing about yard sales is traffic. If you don't live in a high-traffic area, you might see if there are community yard sales or schools having yard sales where you can purchase a table - just because these events tend to draw large crowds. And simple logic says that the more people there are to look at your stuff, the more people are likely to buy your stuff. I have good luck selling baby/kid clothes, paperbacks (25 cents/each), DVDs ($1-2 each), etc. Frames &...
My DD has this dollhouse from Hearthsong and she loves it.
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