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We loved our parent/child class. I hope you love yours too! Our rhythm went like this: Free play while mamas & papas 'worked' at the table Clean up time Circle Time Wash hands, Snacktime Potty break Outside to play for the kids (with the assistant teacher), mamas & papas stay inside to discuss articles "Puppet show" storytime Goodbye time
I did mine last week, and luckily it was negative - but oh man that drink almost made me vomit. I wish I was given the option of a bag of Skittles!
I called our local BRU and they had no idea what I was talking about. The woman I spoke to kept saying, 'You can use Toys R Us coupons here ... ' like I was a total idiot.
What a sweet little one you have!
My Costco doesn't have them.
This episode was awesome - it was the deciding factor in convincing my DH not to circ; he loves this show.
DD was 2 weeks early. This time, the ultrasound tech commented that it was a 'big baby', so I'm going with another early babe. Official due date is May 2nd, I'm going to guess that baby will arrive on April 27th.
With my DD, we didn't have sex for two weeks - then we did it once and I was in labor four hours later, at only 38 weeks.
No shower here, but I wouldn't expect one. We live on the opposite side of the country from the rest of our families, and I don't really know very many people in CA yet.
My daughter (age 4) has decided that this baby will be called Strawberry Blue.
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