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I think it would be fine to do it at that stage. I didn't start getting really uncomfortable until about 36-37 weeks.
I wash everything in Seventh Generation unscented free and clear, and will continue to do so when this baby arrives in May.
I can't sleep anymore, and it's so frustrating! I go to sleep at 9pm because I'm exhausted, and I'm up by 12 or 1. Then I just lay there for hours, maybe falling asleep from 4-5ish. And I'm tired ALL DAY. Can't wait until this ends!
23 weeks and still breech here. DD was head-down from the beginning, so I'm a little nervous about it.
21 weeks and still sick here, too. I was sick until 25 with DD, and this time I have an awful feeling that it's going to last the whole time.
We will be doing this - I plan to take DD to the store and ask her to pick out a gift for the baby, a few weeks before I'm due. And I think the baby will give her a Bitty Baby doll.
DD has been in parent/tot since July and we absolutely loved it. Well worth the money, IMO. It was three hours a week that we got to spend together, while both of us learned an awful lot. She is starting nursery/kindergarten in three weeks in the same Waldorf school.
I'm so bummed about the prices - I was looking forward to $18 jammies and $10 underwear sets like I got last year.
I had grand plans for DD's birthday - I finished sewing her crown right before, and our tradition was going to be telling the story of her birth at our dinner table. She decided that she didn't want to wear the crown and didn't want to hear the story. But she did allow me to light her birthday candle while we ate dinner.
Having a boy.
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