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I used a manual Avent Isis with my daughter and it served the purpose for the time I needed it. It was about $30, and I remember that I bought it with coupons!
The only things I need are a breast pump and a few glass bottles.
I'm 21 weeks and I feel punches right around my belly button area (babe is breech).
Nothing yet, but I also heard that it will be starting on Monday. I'm excited - love their jammies for DD!
With DD, I gained 10 lbs in the first trimester. And I gained 36 lbs by the end of the pregnancy. This time around, I gained 2 lbs. I'm 20 weeks and I've only gained 5 total so far.
This week I'm a cantaloupe, too! How neat! Or a nice-sized boob, according to the dad one. Funny!
We had a few long trips (3+ weeks) and lots of moves early on in my DD's life, and she went back and forth from disposables to cloth with no problems. I do think it depends on each individual baby's skin, though.
My only craving with this pregnancy has been deli meat - so you bet I've been eating a lot of turkey & cheese sandwiches. I just eat whatever sounds good - don't drink alcohol or eat fish or soft cheese even when I'm not pregnant, though.
Aww, so sweet! My three year old keeps saying, 'And Mommy will go to the birth center and PUSH (and she says this while bearing down hard and scrunching up her face) and the baby will come out of her private!"
Our plan is to get an emergency fund in place and keep it there. We'd also like to get some debt paid off, but we're taking baby steps. So I just want the darn emergency fund, since it keeps getting wiped out.
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