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I was 18 and in my first year of college when I got pregnant and I think I was too young. I always wanted to be a young mama, but I was thinking like 22 or 23. I wish I had finished college before having Madelyn.
I think I have about 30, and that's more than enough since I wash every other day.
I use OV wipes, and right now I just wet them with a spray bottle of water and use them ... but I am looking for a good wipe solution to put in my spray bottle.
I can't beliveve someone would say that to you! That is ridiculous. I don't understand why people feel the need to make what everyone else is doing with THEIR child their business.
We have never taken CDs on an airplane, but we take them three and a half hours away to my MIL's house one weekend a month. We use FB mostly for our trips, because we have never had a leak with them. I bring my Bummis pail liner and toss everything in there, but sometimes if it's a really bad poopy diaper I will put it in a plastic bag first to contain the smell. I even use my cloth wipes; I bring a spray bottle in the car and everything. I was so worried about...
I am stripping my diapers with Dawn right now. I use a teaspoon of Dawn and throw all of my diapers in there together. I don't separate anything ... but I never do, even when I wash regularly. It usually takes about four washes for me to get all of the bubbles out.
I use a Bummis bag and I just throw everything in it all together. On wash day I empty the bag into the washer and then throw the bag in with all the dipes. I love the Bummis bags - they hold up so well even after all of the washing. I do let them hang dry, though.
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