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check out http://www.ape2zebra.com there are others but this by far has the best selection. hth
I buy wash cloths and use them. Wayyy less work than making your own. I buy the good quality washcloths though b/c the cheap ones are thin and scratchy.
I used the wonderoos from 9 months to 2+yrs with ds. I have a new baby now (9lbs) and it wouldn't work on him wayyy to big. I use the bg's 1.0's with no problems (although they are slightly bulkier than pockets meant for his size). HTH
I had a baby boy Tues Jan 16 @ 5:37 pm. His name is James Thomas he wieghed in at 7.5lbs and 21". His is bfing like a champ! Labour was 15 hrs but only 5 hrs of hard labour. He was almost born in his sac but I requested they break it b/c I was having a hard time. I am so thrilled he is here! Labour vibes to the ladies who are left! ******
Not that I am not thrilled for the non preggo's (truth is I am really jealous). Who's left besides me? Do you think your baby will come soon?
I have never been this pg before... 3 friends irl with edds after me have had their babies. Am I doomed to be pg and 80? I am so tired and uncomfortable. Obcessing about when I will go in to labour is getting old. Its just as bad as obcessing if you are pg or not when ttc. I AM so done... I am getting my son to give the baby pep talks... "come out now baby and meet your big brother". Thanks for listening to my vent... i'm sure alot of you can relate!
Thinking of you and your baby! (hugs)
So glad you are okay... how scary! HUGS!
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