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Quote: Originally Posted by birthdancedoula Yay! Welcome to the world, sweet baby Jude!! I heard your mama is a birthing warrior!! I can't wait to feast my eyes on you! Hey Beck, can I come by and do Jude's placenta prints tomorrow? Yes!
my water broke around 430 went for a walk at 7 and contractions started then . . . about every 10-15 min doula arrived at 11 and contractions were 5 min apart MW arrived at 12 and I think the contractions were 2-3 min apart MW checked me at 1245, I was 8cm Got in the birth pool at 130 and felt like pushing immediately Got out of the pool around 2 Jude was born at 232 8 pounds 14 ounces 21 3/4 inches long he needed some resuscitation, his cord was born with...
contractions about every 10 min... getting closer though doula is on her way
I thought I posted this earlier, but must have messed it up! about 4:30 I was sitting on the couch when my water broke! It's very clear, and plentiful! I can't wait to meet my boy! DH is cleaning up the house now, MIL is making me some dinner with DS.... .and I don't know what to do now! My MW and doula said to call when I want them to come over . . . haha more waiting! Not having any contractions yet though. DH just went to buy water and when he gets...
I was sitting on the couch and I heard and felt a POP POP, but I didn't get up or move.... then when I sat up I got a couple big gushes! Waddled my butt to the bathroom and had a few more gushes... now it's just trickling. This isn't pee, right?
I am the most over due at the moment? I'm 40w+6d I was supposed to have a MW appointment yesterday, but she had to reschedule. I was going to ask her to strip my membranes. . . I think she's coming today for an appointment, she's going to call this morning. I just want to get on with newborn life, I am so done with pregnant life. I could be pregnant up to 2 more weeks?! ugh whatever.
So I was supposed to see my MW this morning, but she called just as we were stepping out the door to reschedule... AND . . . to ask if I would be interested in having a professional photographer take pictures at my next appointment tomorrow, the birth, and some postpartum pictures and have them used in a presentation about home birth!! uuhhh yeah! I am so excited now! now DH and I are trying to get the house REALLY nice and clean! heh and I'm having a few...
mmmhm. I wish nobody would tell you at 36/37 weeks, "okay any day now!" I've really been ready since 36 weeks! Over a month ago!! Tomorrow I will be 40w+5d and will probably have my membranes stripped. I would rather have that done than try castor oil, because I've tried EVERYTHING else. My MW is pretty awesomely comfortable with me going to 43! weeks though.... I just don't want to have to get to 43 weeks before trying to get things going. REALLY want to...
I had a 20 lb. weight loss around the 3rd month due to morning sickness and the flu... I've gained about 12 pounds back since then, but it's all baby, placenta, and blood I'm sure.
Yay baby!
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