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Perhaps its just a tape worm? I mean, I haven't actually gained a pound since the day I got my BFP.... I have NO SINGS OF LABOR WHAT-SO-EVER. None! I lost a tiny bit of mucus and blood . . . but that was a MONTH ago. I have another MW appt tomorrow, I'll be 40w+5d Oh and DH might have broke his foot last night *shakes head*
How about a fishing set? sew some felt fish with a magnet in them, and making a fishing pole with a stick and a string with another magnet "hook" a blue silk scarf can serve as the pond.... or is this too simple for them? I am planning on making a fishing set for DS (who will be 4 then) and a basket of tree blocks. Also planning on making a roll up holder for his crayons and a pad of paper. And we're going to give him a set of modeling beeswax. His birthday...
I dreamed last night that we ADOPTED a 5 day old baby boy! Amazingly I was able to get him breastfeeding straight away and ditched the forumla he had been having. But then the weird part, DH kept bringing people by to see the baby then leaving . . .like dropping people off and then disappearing. But before I fell asleep I peed while DTD.... I was excited, thought my water broke. NOPE! Just peed! DH was very understanding, but still!
So happy to hear he is feeling better. My son was mildly sick, and I was dreading having a baby while he wasn't feeling well... talk about stress! He is also feeling better now Tomorrow will be the longest I've been pregnant . . . and I'm leading the LLL meeting. You would think an obligation (without any other leaders planning on attending tomorrow) like that I would have a baby today or tonight, eh? Here's hoping!
Holy bordem batman! DS is getting VERY tired of staying around the house all day... but I don't have anything to do with him! DH has plenty of things planed for DS after Jude is born... but I don't have the energy to take him fishing or to the museum like Daddy will! ugh. No signs of labor either.
Oh no! Keep nursing, drinking fluids, resting and eating good food. You could also try Ocillocccinum (for yourself) http://www.oscillo.com/
Oh I'm so glad everything went okay for you today! Have you take castor oil in the past? I think the best way to take it is with orange juice. At least equal parts (the less you have to chug back) and shake them REALLY HARD together and drink quickly! Almost undetectable like that. Good luck, I hope you don't need any more NSTs!
Oh Dear! I hope he feels better soon!
I thought about it yesterday and this morning and decided to try the more gentle induction techniques this week, and ask to have my membranes stripped next week. I don't want to wait 'till the last day to start trying things! So I just took some black cohosh tincture and blue cohosh and RRL tea. I'll repeat that in 4 or 5 hours. Tomorrow I'll eat the pineapple. Then I'll give it a rest until Friday and repeat.
Who is still pregnant? What is your due date? Are you considering any home induction methods? ______________________________________ I am due tomorrow. Going to whole foods in a few minutes to get a pineapple, a few mangoes, some pregnancy tea and some blue and/or black cohosh. My midwife is comfortable with me going to 43 weeks before stripping my membranes or breaking my water... I've been having some contractions last night and this morning. So...
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