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 And now I lost my gigant bloody mucus plug!!!   Come on baby girl!  10-11-12 would be such a cool birthday!
OOoooooOoo   Since I typed my last response I haven't gotten or moved off the couch, but I've had 3 good contractions!   maybe it's time to get off my butt then!
Nothing exciting here.  I had my parallel care midwife do another membrane sweep yesterday.... and got nothing out of that.  Well, she did say I was  REALLY GOOD 3cm... so I did make a teeny bit of progress between Monday and Tuesday.  My home birth midwife is coming by today to do one more membrane sweep today.  I might also try some castor oil in the next few hours.    My good friend/doula/birth assistant is going out of town Saturday through Thursday.  I'm hoping...
had a lot of great contractions last night... but I'm still snuggling a baby on the inside.  Hubby and I did get a chance to hang out with his brother last night.  We had a pretty good time staying up late, laughing and being ADULTS!    I realized last night she could possibly be born on 10-11-12.  Even more neat if we could manage birth at precisely 8:09 on 10-11-12
had another check up today with my home birth midwife today.  Everything was normal and she did a membrane sweep.  She said I'm about 3cm dilated...  I know it could still be another two weeks before I hold my baby girl, but it does feel good to know that something IS INDEED moving towards having a baby!   Tomorrow I have an appointment with the midwives at Duke just to say hi I guess.  I might ask her to do another membrane sweep.
I agree with Springmum... if you feel like a homebirth is for you, go for it!  If while in labor you decide to scrap that plan you an can still head into the Birth Center.   DS2 was born at home and we didn't do anything to the bed.  I wasn't planning to push laying down, so I felt no need to do anything to the bed, and it worked out just fine.   As far as cleaning the house and setting up for the birth.  DS was born at 41 weeks.... and I had kept the house clean...
Sunday is my due date... yep, I'm still so pregnant.   I went out today and got a little present for DS1 & 2.  I got an angry birds card game for my oldest and a lego fireman set for my 3 year old.  They will LOVE these.  I've got a basket all packed with clothes, their presents and some snacks for when they go to Oma & Opa's.    And I picked up the newborn diapers with the wetness indicator that I like so much.  DS2 didn't pee or poo for the first 36 hours, that...
I've thought about burning the calendar!  LOL     38weeks 5 days here now.  DS1 was born at 40 weeks with an induction, and DS2 was born right at 41 weeks.... *sigh* So I'm expecting to be pregnant at least until 41 weeks.   My niece who was due the day after I am, had her baby last night.... so so not fair!
oh man I hope everyone feels better soon!   In the past 3 weeks both boys have had a fever, and my oldest had a weird whole body rash that the DR couldn't explain.   Now DH has a horrible cough and runny nose. . . on top of having to work 12+ hours a day until he is out on paternity leave 
blah.  This happened last time I was pregnant too. Two weeks before my due date and I have a cold.  While I really want this little one OUT... I hope she waits on mama to feel better.   I would be so sad to not be able to smell her those first few precious days of newborn cuddles.
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