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Thanks Jen. That sounds great:-)
Hi I'm bumping this thread because we are moving in.... TOMORROW! We found a nice apartment at 9th and Market. We are just waiting out the bad weather at my parents in Jersey City. Thanks for all the advice and I'd love to meet some of you in person soon! Pauline
Thanks for everyone's replies.    The rental agent we are working with is sending us a lot of homes in the Old City neighborhood.    As far as Center City goes, what do folks think of that area?    I am an avid runner and am interested in whether running around Penn's landing is a (reasonably) safe bet?    Any opinions on the Old City neighborhood?    Looks a bit more affordable than some of the others....   Mody - I've been checking out Mt. Airy too, as you...
Thank you! We will definitely check it out!
Philadelphia free school looks just like Portland free school here. Not free (in price)... :-). Interesting concept but out of our budget I think.... Nice to know these possibilities exist there however....
Oops. Our budget is around $2000 month max although lower would be great. We would need at least a two bedroom. Does that seem reasonable for the neighborhoods we've talking about? Again, thanks for taking the time to answer this nervous mamas questions:-)
Klk - thank-you so much for your ongoing support, advice, and information. This move is really rough for me to wrap my mind and heart around in my two months postpartum state and your information makes me feel calmer, more focused, and more positive about our new city. I do understand about the school catchment - we have the same situation here although also many charter schools so lots of folks send their kids out of their neighborhoods for school. We are looking to...
Thanks Sus, I've heard about the homeschool ditch and feel nervous about it:/ We are relaxed homeschoolers here in Portland.....
Thanks for your input G, but I'm more interested in hearing from mothers of young children who currently live in the city of Philadelphia with their kids.
Thanks for your input wide eye! I'm so happy to hear good things about Philly. We will be leaving an awesome homeschool community here:( I'm anxious to help my seven year old weather this huge transition as smoothly as possible.
New Posts  All Forums: