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Of course I am
Thanks so much! I tried to respond to this two times last night. I had a long thought out post all typed up and the board ate it both times. I'll keep this one short and sweet. LOL. What type of fence do you recommend Arduinna ? Red, the pic didn't come through Thanks again to you both. Brenda
Does anyone here have one (or more)? I have researched this out and feel we could provide an excellent home for one. I have read they are social animals so maybe two would be best? I would like to start with a baby, and raise it. We live on a farm and have 2 plus acres and a large horse barn. I have plenty of time to care for one. Anyone have any advice good or bad? How much is to much to pay for a goat? I saw some in the paper that were 200 bucks. I don't have that...
My youngest is nursing. She's kicked up the nursing the last couple of days too. So far she isn't showing any signs of getting sick. I'm hoping my oldest will get over this soon. She is on day 5 of being sick. She seems to feeling a bit better though. I wish I could bounch back from being sick as quickly as she does!! Think I'll go to bed early tonight. It has been a long day! Thanks dlb. Brenda
My oldest has the flu. She has some med. from the dr. now I am getting it. Woke up with a headache and body aches. UGH. Any suggestions on getting through this? I can not go to the dr. Hubby is out of town, so going to bed and pulling the covers over my head is not an option. I really hope little bit doesn't get it. Brenda
Palmolive in the dishwasher, dawn when I hand wash. Brenda
Are JET-DRY® products toxic? Answer: JET-DRY® products are non-toxic and will not leave a hazardous film on your dishes. What are the ingredients in JET-DRY® products? Answer: JET-DRY® products are a special combination of nonionic surfactants, a chelating agent, fragrance and dye. This was from the web site. www.jet-dry.com This is the brand I use. If vinegar will work, I'll start using that though. Brenda
Nothing that is really healthy LOL. But, I like your ideas. I've never thought of doing pb&j. Brenda
I get really sore the week before and during my period. Brenda
I really did not like the movie. Maybe I should try the book. Brenda
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