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I really appreciate that you voiced this, Parismaman. I, too, have a visceral reaction after watching television. Sometimes I actually feel sick to my stomach--I think since I witnessed whatever it was, I feel party to it. We moved here two months ago and learned that we can't get proper tv reception without cable. (Does anyone remember when cable was commercial free? Now there are more commercials than the networks--thus the viewer pays twice over for the sad...
Thank you for your responses! Infoispower, 30% is a big number--thanks for the warning. Can you direct me to where you found that stat?
Hi, everyone, I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for years and years, but always just a nuisance in the background of my life, not bothersome enough to address. Then I became a mommy! Now, in my daily life as a mommy, my hands are numb and painful repeatedly. I've been to an occupational therapist, who gave me braces. I do not find them very helpful. Just today I went to a physical medicine doctor, who gave the nerves in my hands a series of extremely unpleasant...
Quote: Originally posted by Chi-Chi Mama I don't even mind waking up however many times a night.. and then falling back asleep to the sound of everyone breathing [/B] I know what you mean, Chi-Chi mama--I love that, too.
We co-slept with both our babies. When they got bigger and a little wiggly, we took a twin bed and scooted it right up against our queen bed, and I just roll back and forth to breastfeed. It works beautifully. We have this arrangement with our 9 month old, and our 3 year old sleeps in his twin bed a few feet away. We're lucky to have a bedroom that is long enough to accommodate our queen and two twins. If we didn't, I'd figure out something, though. We love...
This gives me hope! Thanks for posting!
Hey, a fungus! I hadn't thought of that one. Her rash has faded enough that I've stopped pushing my panic button about it, but it's definitely still visible on her legs, so I'm going to give the dandriff shampoo thing a try. Thank you very much, Mothering friends, for reading this and giving your suggestions.
When you have a rare trip out by yourself (say, for example, to the dentist, as I recently did) and you realize that you've still brought the diaper bag with you. When you sneak into your kids beds at night with a flashlight to trim their nails, and they don't even know you're there. When only after your dinner guests go home do you realize that for the last hour you had one breast snapped up neatly into your nursing bra, and one breast hangin' loose.
I may have my cookies resolved. This is a test.
Hello, everyone, I had a bad tear giving birth to my daughter (now three months old). I had stitches, some of the stitches reopened, and was told it would still heal all right, just slower. Well, now I have a patch of granulated tissue (right where those stitches opened). I'm told it will not go away on its own, and I'll need to have it swabbed with silver nitrate, which essentially burns it off. Did anyone else have this happen? Can you shed some light on exactly...
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