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Astrology (see my thread)
Cool! I totally agree with you... Astrology is such a great tool for understanding human nature and our place in the greater scheme of things. The issue of whether it's "true" or not becomes irrelevant when you realise what a beautiful language it is.
Thanks everyone, I think I now have the jist of what this guy is about... how frightening P.S. I like the post above this one about him getting on his hobby horse and riding!
The problem with the "give up being a control freak" thing is that it takes two to tango. Why are we being control freaks in the first place? Perhaps the marital situation sets us up in positions of dominance and submission, even though we think it is an equal partnership? I'm not sure who is the dominant, who is the submissive, and they probably differ from marriage to marriage... But why focus on the woman as though the man is a helpless victim being...
Okay I found the author I was thinking of, her name is Susan Maushart, an American living in Australia, and she wrote The Mask of Motherhood (I read a little bit of this and was pretty impressed) and Wifework. Both feminist books, Wifework seems to be the direct opposite of The Surrendered Wife... anyone read them?
Thanks, maybe it isn't called the something Wife???
I noticed somebody had written "boycott Gary Ezzo" as their signature and put a link to his site, so I clicked on it... But the site doesn't seem to have a simple explaination for who Gary Ezzo is and what he stands for. Could someone explain to me what he is about? P.S. I hope I don't cause a fight!
Pagan to the core
Oooh yeah my husband and I have a lot of freaky things in our charts like *exact* sextiles, and his Moon is at the same degree of the same sign as Amber's... it's amazing the things you find. I haven't used Runes much, I use the Rider Waite and Mythic tarot deck and the Animal Medicine cards which I have found spookily good for doing readings on myself.
Not The Surrendered Wife (vomit) !!! That post reminded me that there is a book called The _____ Wife which is kind of the opposite to the Surrendered Wife which I have been trying to remember the title of for ages... She also wrote a book about motherhood which I read a bit of and thought was very good. She might even be Australian... Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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