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The governor has already cancelled school Monday for the whole state.
Fitness Goal for the year: 250 x 45 minute workouts. That's essentially 5 a week. FTR:  I'm planning on 3 harder (run, ski, swim, bike, etc.) and 2 easier (45 minute dog walk) per week.   #1 is done. whew. got that out of the way.   I have a backlog of junk to deal with at work that I've been not so effectively ignoring. But I got big thing #1 done.  Big thing 2 should be done tomorrow. Big thing 3 is tougher. But I'd like all 3 done before next Wednesday. It'll...
This is a very local question (as I've found from moving around a lot in the 90s).I use goodwill here -- they recycle a lot, they hire a lot of people who otherwise couldn't/wouldn't work. Salvation Army bugs me because of some homophobic stuff that went on. I feel like in your area there's a Volunteers of America or something like that? Warm clothes: I take those down to the kids' closet charity or to the mission where they serve meals every day. Misc. household stuff: we...
Happy new year!
Happy new year! From the bike trainer in the basement.
Myself:  opening windows does the same thing for me that candles does. Meaning it refreshes and I feel like my house does not stink.Also lemons. I halve a lemon, use it (the fruit itself) to wash the inside of my sink and my tub.
Gaye I'm typing from my phone. Where's the whirlwind smilie? We're recovering from a long family week. Headed out for a family ski today. Then tomorrow and Monday look like: ski someplace else / travel to mall of America. (Dd got a gc for American girl for her bday and because of nutcracker we haven't made it yet). Predictions for below zero for tomorrow. Brrr. I took my tree down. I got my grades submitted. I collected three bags of items no longer perfect for my...
Intriguing idea. I like it. Mulling it over myself. Mostly because I really really really want to go to the beach this summer. But that will mean 2 summer vacations (family reunion in Colorado).   But what if I didn't spend $10 on a beer out with friends. Or a $3 coffee. How much could I save?
Hope y'all had a nice holiday week. I might be recovering from my week for a long time. Tired. Busy week. Usual feelings about sharing a house with extended family.  And now grading.
Nutcracker weekend. In laws visiting. Insert head spinning smilie. So fun to see my sweetie doing something she clearly loves. Waiting for breakfast to kick in before heading out to ski, alone. Then back for gift opening with extended family. Sparkle, I agree with what Dana posted. Jg: I'm so sorry you lost jake, but I'm glad you got to say goodbye. And I'm jumping up and down happy that you'll get to see your mom and dad.
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