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Fun!!!! Front yard. Five more inches fell after this was taken. BackyArd. Today.
My husband (history) said the same thing as me. Hmm. Hope your little one is ok!
depends on the program. Usually phd programs: candidate implies you've passed your written/oral exams (aka comps) and are ABD (all but the dissertation done).  4 km ski with girlies. Still snowing.Remember the hungry caterpillar story? Still hungry?Well this is still snowing. I'm going to post a pic from my phone. (fair warning for the double post).
Gearing up for the first Xc ski of the year yeeee- haw!!!!!!!
Jazzharmony: welcome.  And does the pain persist when you do other things (other than upright) -- biking? etc.?   Nic: I am exhausted thinking about your weekend. Oh MY! Thanksgiving. Religious holiday. Big party.  Oh and travel.  OMG.  But hearing you talk about taking the day off from work and doing Nic-things, makes me wonder if you shouldn't figure out how to do that more often?  You sound recharged after a weekend that would leave me dead on the tracks for about 3...
I spent much of today pretending I have my s**t together. Err, trying to pull it together. I did a total nbrain dump into my written calendar and then spent about an hour programming our google calendar so my dh can see inside my brain.   And then I started straightening for our cleaning lady (who is suposed to come tomorrow). But because Bec has been posting about flylady, I figured eh, what the heck, what can it hurt?  So I started following the annoying lady's...
The GRE is different than when we took it. My understanding from my students/friends is that most people now take it twice because the format is a little strange (computer testing takes a lot for students to get used to).
I didn't mean to scare you, but geez don't mess around. Have you looked into the train?
 Do you have to have a masters there?  In Wisconsin it's an add-on, I think.  (Do you have a TX teaching license?)  We offer an online certificate program.  I know *nothing* about it. Other than we offer it. I think you don't end up with a masters but it is like 10,000 vs. 28000.  Also check into my friend Amy's blog http://delightfulchildrensbooks.com/about/   I think she's in an online program. I'm linking to her "about" page because it tells where. (The I think piece is...
New Posts  All Forums: