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First labor was 24 hours from first contraction, but only 8 hours of hard labor in the hospital.  She was posterior and had a nuchal hand.  I felt like I was in transition, being slammed from the inside out, for about 8 hours but I never had the urge to push.  Pushing took 2-3 hours.  My recovery took a long time.   My second was also posterior, no nuchal hand.  Labor was 12 hours from the first contraction, but my contractions never got regular, or painful, until...
Glad for your safe delivery, hope your son continues to do well!
This is a good idea!  I feel like I'm already getting to know you all from the other threads but it will be nice to have a thread specifically introducing ourselves.   I'm 30.  I have a four year old daughter and I had a baby girl this past May who died at four days old because of birth injuries.  (I was in the April 2013 DDC last year too, her due date was the 26th.)  I'm glad that others here feel free to talk about their lost children as much as their living....
I'm make sausage sandwiches for lunch!  Nausea has kicked in, it's mild but annoying.  
I either walk with my daughter - in the stroller if I want  to go brisk - it's a graco and I can put the back all the way down so she can hang out in it instead of being strapped in - or with her walking if I don't mind going slow.  We usually walk to a playground which is all the incentive she needs.  Or I go to a class when S gets home.  Squats or yoga I just do whenever, sometimes I put a show on for her so I can have some time to do what I need to.  So, TV.  :lol
I was taking maybe centrum that come with a dha pill?  Now I am taking prescription ones because they cost me a dollar a bottle.
someone has mentioned colace already, right?  if you are afraid of postpartum pooping or if you are getting stopped up, TAKE THE COLACE, lol, and drink lots of water, your butt will thank you. 
It is addictively fun, isn't it!  I loved climbing.  Sometimes I would climb to the top and then just see how long I could hang out there.  I really like "puzzle" exercises like pole and bouldering because it's so interesting to try to solve the puzzle of "how do I do this." 
The tupler stuff recommends not doing anything that you can't do with your transeverse abdominals totally engaged.  I have been planking again but only as long as I can keep my TV totally pulled in and it doesn't see to be hurting me yet.  My belly button popped out around 4 months the first time, like before I was even showing, so I think I already had separation at that point.    This blog http://mutusystem.com/ has lots of good free info and she has some videos on...
Ooh, thanks for sharing that link!  I went to a yoga class last night and it was just what I needed.  I felt so good afterwards.  I also really like this video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCSFobwvQTg
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