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Also. I totally refer to my babies as "Baby!"  With exclamation point. I think at first it is so new and they have just become separate.
Lily Kay the disturbing imagery sounds like it could be post partum anxiety or post partum OCD (I think technically it's a form of anxiety).  It is more common than people think, and can be treated whether by medication or counseling.  If it is still ongoing or it happens again and you find it distressing, know that you don't have to just live with it.  People talk alot about PPD, less about PPA or PPOCD. 
Cedar is a beautiful name.  I also favor plant and tree names.  My younger daughter was also named after a tree.
Oh my god smells.  Last year I was doing tomato harvest and the smell of the tomato plants in the high tunnels was so awful.  
Oh, Leila is such a pretty name!   Vtechmom, DP and I could only agree on a boy's name my first pregnancy and we ended up having a girl.    I have a couple ideas for girl names floating around, none for boys yet.  DP likely isn't even thinking about it.  He has had a boy's name picked out for some time.  
I'm catering but it's sporadic.  I did pretty good at work the other night, but my boss is super cool and is all, "Nobody be a hero, only carry what you can carry," and she staffs adequately so you're never running around frantically.   Last pregnancy, I was farming, and my manager was the first person I told because I constantly felt like I was about to pass out.  And my first pregnancy, I was working in a bar and completely miserable because I took every shift I...
My hips are already getting twingy, so I'm thinking about seeing a chiropractor.  Still stuffy.  Don't really feel pregnant otherwise, although I'm already showing.    I guess that's what happens when you have pregnancies back to back and a diastasis recti.   Ola, the pillow on the floor sounds like a brilliant solution.
electricalaskan, it sounds like you are feeling really good being able to do these positive things for yourself.  I also like having little special things to do for myself when I am pregnant.  The last time I was pregnant, I had these little rose quartz tumblestones that I would put in my bath or hold in my hands and just imagine myself being held and loved.  Sounds so corny, but it was such a soothing activity and for me, taking care of myself goes really far towards...
If you are going to listen to the wisdom of the mamas then listen to mine.  There is a reason you have yet to get a flood of stories from mamas who trusted birth for their 34 weekers.   Birth is not safe, because it doesn't have to be.  People who tell you that it is safe are lucky to be so naive.  My beautiful, healthy baby died because of a senseless accident and random combination of events, and the human race is going to go on.  The only people who will miss her...
Yes please do.
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