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I really like the Ergo for older babies but for noobs, I like a sling or a wrap.  Partly because it's so snuggly and partly because it feels so luxurious.  But if you can only get one, I'd probably just get the ergo.  Although, I can still tote my 4yo in my long woven wrap!  She's only 33lbs tho.
Oh no.  (((((())))))  I'm so sorry for your loss.
It sounds like you would like to experience an unmedicated birth but because you have a history of panicking at pain, you worry that you will experience panic again if you try to go unmedicated, particularly if it would be difficult to transfer.   From where I sit, I am impressed by a mother who knew herself and took charge to get the help she needed to give birth in a way that was safe her for her and her babies - three times.  You could think of pain med as a tool (one...
https://www.pennysimkin.com/articles-resources/   and   https://www.pennysimkin.com/download/Articles-Handouts/Strategies%20for%20Specific%20Triggers.pdf   It has a lot of suggestions of possible triggers but you could just use it as a jumping off point and put in whatever is true for you.  I found it helpful when thinking about howto explain to my midwives what I need to feel safe when I'm in labor.
https://www.airbnb.com/ It's people who are renting out their apartment, etc, all over the world and sometimes for a good deal.  my BIL and SIL have used it to go on vacation and had good experiences.  $1K for two weeks - yeah if it's going to help you feel safe and in control, I think it's not a bad price.   Is the planning helping you feel calm?  I think it's so wise to listen to yourself and do what will help you feel safe and nurtured.  I hope you are able to...
That sounds like a good plan.  It sucks that it will cost so much money but in your case it sounds like it will be worth it so you can feel comfortable and have peace of mind.  I hope you'll be able to find someplace affordable.  Is there any chance you could use something like airbnb or maybe get coupons from priceline or groupon?
 I just saw your reply Jo&Co.  How are things going for you?  Yes, there's a lot to consider, isn't there.
It wasn't clear from your post if it was the hospital itself or just the particular caregivers.  I'm definitely not saying "suck it up" or anything like that - I was just wondering if the right caregiver could make you feel comfortable in the hospital and it sounds like that is not the case.     So it sounds like you need to be able to feel safe with your midwives.  Do you think you could have a conversation with the older midwife who makes you feel uncomfortable?   Have...
I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience.   Given that you don't feel comfortable with unassisted (and I get that completely) I think that if you don't feel comfortable with the one older midwife,it might be good to sit down with her and talk about your fears, about how you'd want her to handle certain situations, etc. And see what kind of feeling you have about her after that.  If it's still negative, it might be a good idea to say "not that one." (although...
 I like the idea that we are giving kids a model for how to help themselves form habits they want to form.  I also used similar incentive/rewards to quit smoking and get started with other difficult but healthy habits.
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