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Passion for Birth, www.passionforbirth.com and then I would sit for the Lamaze exam! I really like Lamaze and what it stands for and Teri Shilling's program will teach you to be a dynamic and engaging educator! Full disclosure: I am a PfB trainer! Sharon
Peter Grote is a great Family Practice Doc with a natural/holistic bent. He is located in Fremont. http://www.drgrote.com/ Sharon
Ballard, a nw part of seattle is a straight and short shot on the bus to the Market! You will love Seattle! I love Seattle! and I love living in Ballard! lots of homeschoolers all around! (not me,but many others!) Welcome, Sharon
I wonder if epilepsy is considered a condition that would risk her out of both birth center AND home birth? I agree that GH is the best seattle area hospital for a hospital birth and there are many midwives who attend there. No water births as a rule, but accidents DO happen, I suppose! Maybe she should call around to several midwives and see what they say. I read on the MAWS website, http://www.washingtonmidwives.org/in...ultation.shtml that epilepsy is a reason...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pookietooth Here's a link for you: http://www.breast-friends.org/pages/...ups.html#birth that website is very, very outdated! 2005! www.icanseattle.wordpress.com for local seattle/western wa info www.ican-online.org for national and to find other local chapters! I have sent breast friends updated info several times with no response! S.
here is a wonderful essay written by an ICAN leader: It really speaks to my heart and maybe to yours as well! http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/C...begrateful.htm Follow your intuition mama and listen to your heart! Sharon
I am sorry that you are not getting to have the birth you have envisioned! some thoughts, you might look (far and wide??) for a provider who will do breech vaginal birth of twins (in hospital or out?) also, if the babies are going to come by cesarean, it might be helpful to go into labor with them, as others have said. Finally, find out what you can about having the best cesarean possible! check out www.ican-online.org and drill down to your local chapter, and...
You bet, Jane Peterson may be able to combine a meet and greet with her and a tour there at the same time! Sharon
I have attended many births as a doula at PSBC. The rooms are lovely and the space feels good! Why don't you take a tour to see for yourself! Also, i would recommend you contact Jane Peterson, www.communitymidwives.com (a fellow MDC poster here!) who is a fantastic midwife who catches babies at Puget Sound Birth Center! Good luck as you get ready to welcome a baby into your life! Sharon
If you are going to have a planned cesarean, for whatever reason, why not ask for an amnio to determine lung maturation. and certainly, if the babies' lungs aren't showing as mature, waiting some more time? Good luck in finding the path that feels right to you! Sharon
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