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Welcome! I live in Ballard, a great part of NW Seattle. Not sure what your budget is, some lovely north end neighborhoods are green lake, ballard, fremont, phinny ridge, bryant, ravenna, wedgwood. South but still in seattle, Columbia City is up and coming and very popular, Beacon Hill, West Seattle very nice! Tell us a bit more about what you are looking for in terms of house size and prize, easy commute, public or private schools,etc! Sharon
I have a degree in fisheries and worked doing fisheries science for many years, then, risk management/HR for a fishing company. Then 7 years as a stay at home mom, then trained and starting working as a doula and CBE at 40, when my kids were 2 and 5. I am 47 now.
My contract states that if my reason for missing your birth is my fault, you get a full refund. If it is due to a precipitous labor, your failure to call me at all, etc, than full fee is due. I state in my contract, I need up to 90 minutes to get to you. Reality is, it is *very rare* to get a "the baby is coming now" call that did not have some heads up along the way. I have attended more than 170 births and missed two...one woman went from 1 cm to baby out in 30...
I have had one client with this, and she found vag exams very very difficult. But, during labor, she did not state that she had more, or increased pain around her vulva or labia, while in labor. in fact, once in labor, with the exception of cervical checks, it never came up, despite her being very worried about it pre-birth. she ended up with a cesarean, so did not have a crowning baby come througj..don't know how that would have ended up. Sharon
I fit the bill! Welcome to the PNW ! Click on my signature, will take you to my website, feel free to pm me, or email! happy to speak further off list! Sharon
Lamaze and Passion for Birth www.passionforbirth.com I am a PfB trainer and work closely with Teri Shilling who is the head of PfB. Her trainings are fantastic! fun, exciting, innovative, and do a great job of preparing you for the Lamaze exam if you are planning to certify. And if you just want the training, you will be so pleased with all the ideas you leave with! Sharon
You can try doulamatch.net and see if some of the doulas in your area offer this, many doulas do this for non clients! Sharon
I never share MY birth stories with my clients. Their birth and birth choices have nothing to do with me. If they are very inquisitive, I may say, ask me again, after your birth. Usually they forget or are no longer interested. That is fine with me! I want their birth to be all about their needs/wants/desires. My two cents! Sharon
Pike Place Market Olympic Sculpture Park take a ferry to Bainbridge to Seattle from the water Ride the Duck Ballard Locks Great Zoo Tulip Festival up north if in March/April Have fun!
I have a third and seventh grader at Salmon Bay School in Seattle it is a k-8 alternative public school, I have been very pleased with it. SB is located in Ballard. Seattle Schools seem to have taken a hit in recent years, and the flexibility to get in to the school of your choice is less than it has ever been! Something to consider! Sharon
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