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all of my clients' partners have worn swim trunks. A female partner wore a bathing suit. You and your partner should wear what you want! or nothing! S.
double post!
i always tell my clients to try and nap a couple of hours the last weeks just to "have some extra sleep in the bank" in case. i often say, we would be okay if labor begins at 9 am in the morning after a good night of sleep, but if often begins at 11 pm at night after a crappy day at work! being well rested, well nourished and well hydrated go a long way. ignoring labor and "doing life" until you can't is helpful, resting until you must do something else! labor...
check with Teri Shilling at www.passionforbirth.com She has done teen workshops for CBE before, most likely through lamaze. she will be able to help! tell her sharon sent you! her email, teri@passionforbirth.com Sharon
no easy answers beacause I came to birth work after having my children, but wanted to acknowledge how hard it can be to walk down both roads at the same time! gentle hugs to you! Sharon
I would strongly encourage you to speak with some out of hospital midwives, to see if you indeed risk out of home/birthcenter births. I suspect you would not, based on age, or weight....at least not with my favorite midwives. for a list of midwives, use the directory found here: http://www.washingtonmidwives.org/directory/index.shtml Overlake has a 40% cesarean rate! not good odds! Welcome to Seattle! Sharon PS: Evergreen is 40 also, two highest in state
we doula'd you into finding the right doula! yeah for all of us and you too! happy birthing!
I second everything brooklyndoula said in both her posts! Especially if the woman is certified through a national organization.
I love using the Pain Medication Preference Scale developed by Penny Simkin, and I ask both partner and mother to do it individually, and then when both of them have id'ed where they are, they state it and we discuss. Partner id's where he thinks mama is. (he can also choose one for where he would like the birth to be) www.childbirthconnection.org/pdfs/PMPS.pdf Sharon
re: CNM as doula. The roles are very different. I would want to be sure that the CNM in the role of doula would be acting in your best interest. does she have a relationship with any of the staff/docs/nurses? where does her loyalty lie? does she transfer CNM clients to this hospital? this all could get very sticky? Sharon
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