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Congratulations on getting the training behind you! I think it would be appropriate if you wanted to apprentice with a more experienced doula. I frequently have an apprentice doula with me, with client permission. Ithink it is a win-win-win situation for all. I do have the requirement though, that the apprentice is with me whenever I am with the client in labor, (and at pre and post birth meetings) and not come and go during the birth, if I were staying. Everyone...
I love it! Been using it about 8 months. Give it a try! Sharon
hi there! congrats on your soon to be here baby! several suggestions, along with the good idea of posting here! not sure where in Seattle you live, so some might not be applicable: you might consider joining PEPS after the baby comes, you can join a mothers group or a couples group if you wish, these meet weekly with families in your neighborhood, and is a nice way to meet folks with new ones too! www.pepsgroups.org prenatal yoga is a nice way to meet other...
Quote: Originally Posted by hapersmion Moxibustion is where they burn a certain herb on/near an acupressure point on your big toe. . Just to provide a bit more info and correct this... moxibustion is the burning of the chinese herb mugwort near the acupressure/acupuncture points on the outside of your pinky toes! here in WA, it is done by an acupuncturist. s/he can also give you the moxa sticks to "burn" (think thick incense stick,...
Quote: Originally Posted by donnamr3211 You don't need a dehydrator. You can do it in your oven. Just goggle "placenta encapsulation instructions". I even found how to video's on youtube. You can alway make smoothies with it too. i don't use the dehydrator, just the oven... S.
Quote: Originally Posted by CookAMH Thanks! Are Rebecca and Lara sisters? Yes!
54 gallons a day, (one adult and one tween and one teen.) for my most recent bill. i imagine it is higher in the summer. seems low, especially since our dishwasher/and washer are both 20 years old. low flow on the shower, low flow toilets. yellow/mellow for me, the girls flush all the time. 3-4 loads of clothes, two or three of dishes. i shower 3 times/week girls 2 somtimes one... surprised it is so low, but glad, since I am a single mom, and need all the low bills...
Not for Seattle, especially if you have kids! Our cost of living is pretty high and there is a lot of competition. Most of the classes are nights and weekends, and being gone that many nights and weekends gets old fast and can be very disruptive to the family, which if you wanted to do it full time, would require at least a couple nights a week and a fair number of weekends. Combine it with some other things, and definitely! Good luck! Sharon
i have to faves both in the north end of seattle: Sushil and Gita Vasudeva 9425 35th Avenue Northeast Seattle, WA 98115-2559 (206) 524-6335 (Brother and sister, she does the peds and preg women primarily, both are great for non maternity chiro) Rebecca and Lara Long Long Chiropractic Center 5901 Roosevelt Way Northeast Seattle, WA 98105-2763 (206) 525-5664 good luck! Sharon
I would direct you to the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) for current research as well as to find local chapters where you live and where you might end up, to get support and local provider info. www.ican-online.org Also, pre-e is more common in first time moms, so maybe that would be much less of a concern the second time around! congratulations on your little boy! enjoy these first weeks of your babymoon. Sharon
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