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for non-birth clients, that is what I charge. for birth clients, I charge 200. (i can take the placenta at the birth and return it at the first pp visit, around day 3.) I am in seattle, what area you live in may make a difference. Sharon
Congratulations on this pregnancy and welcome! The first thing I would recommend is to join your local ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) chapter by searching www.ican-online.org for the one nearest you. They will have lots of local resources, helpful meetings and an online group you can join for support. Also the ICAN website is a great place to start for information as well! Keep us posted on your journey! Sharon
have you tried some of the local community colleges? or the UW extension programs? both of them might have something along the lines of what you are looking for! Sharon
What part of town do you live in? I like Suzanne Thompson, Geraldine Lee, Cindie Brown/Jenn/Mel, Marie Wakefield, Brandy Ross, Jane Peterson, Erin Curtiss, as a place to start... Do you like a more hands off homebirth midwife or a more middle of the road type of care, and what part of town do you live in? That might help, to ID some others or narrow the field down. Sharon
also, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, especially the second half, so that she knows your body and your baby both are so perfectly designed and ready for birth. Sharon
i have a sliding up scale as a doula (totally different responsibilities and scope, I know, but might at least be another piece of information to have) from my contract, it says: My fee for my doula services is a sliding up scale, starting at XX and sliding up to YYY. The amount you pay is determined by you, the client, and may be based on the amount of time I spend with you, the level of service provided, your degree of satisfaction, and your ability to pay. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewCrunchyDaddy My wife would like to have a VBAC, but since she developed HELLP syndrome last time, we aren't comfortable attempting another homebirth. Can anyone here recommend a doctor or CNM that would be supportive of our desire to avoid surgery? Think about you or your partner joining ICAN Seattle, www.icanseattle.wordpress.com (from there you can find out how to join the yahoo group) We have lots of people...
I really like the info found on the gentle birth website. http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/gbs.html Check it out and beautiful birthing to you! Sharon
here is who I send all my clients, no matter where they live: Loretta Arvizu R.N, L.M.P – Woodinville – 425-485-9007 Loretta specializes in Craniosacral Therapy for families, adults and infants and also makes house/hospital calls Phone: 425-485-9007 Loretta Arvizu, RN, CST Session: Cranio Sacral Therapy and the Suck, Swallow, Breath Cycle Loretta has provided Cranial Sacral Therapy to children and families for over 12 years in Woodinville, WA. Her practice is...
Quote: Originally Posted by courtenay_e Here's the moral of the story: The results of the vaginal exam mean absolutely nothing as pertains to when you will have the baby. It could be six hours from now, and it could be six weeks. What you do know is that your body is doing a great job of cooking that baby to the perfect done-ness for YOUR BABY, and between the two (your body and your baby), you'll birth the baby when it's time. It is very common...
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