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Beautiful baby!!! :) I've had fast, intense labors also.... my mw said sometimes it feels a little like you got 'robbed' of the birth experience; it's over before you got to figure out what was going on and there are no lulls, ebbs or flows just BAM!   I also love your babies outfit!!! Happy babymoon, mama.
I hate it when beautiful labor stories make me weep!! Sniff. What a great story. I've had intense labors like that... and I'll agree with you on the pushing bit. :D   Also, good for you sticking to your guns. It is funny how you KNOW what you are doing and it's totally okay, heck BEST, then one negative nelly can make you question yourself. And people say those things so off the cuff, without thinking them through at all. Grrrr. Ignore them, mama and enjoy your...
Helloooo mamas! I'm back for the fun part- labor and BABIES!!   I am at home full time now and barely have time to check FB! ;-) I'm a TBW (the baby wearer) devotee but my dd club is way too small there and they seem to have a different outlook on birth than I do.   I really like this group and probably the only thing that keeps me from being here more (other than time, lol) is that the formatting here is still not as good at TBW or even www.carseat.org...
wooo-hooo! Congrats ladies; I'm a couple of weeks behind you... spring is going to come fast, isn't it?!!   Looking forward to enjoying springtime with a new babe, and hoping my garden doesn't suffer too badly.
Geez, I was just thinking a nice way to start 2011 might be by taking the tree down; but first I'll have to get up off the couch and get dressed... and it is already noon!!
I wish I could use the smilies easier... HUGS!! :) This is what I'd do also.   I know so many people who like/need to be prepared.... but I'll prepare myself when the time comes. The longer I live the more I believe it all happens for a reason, the way it was supposed to, and I am content with that. I am actually also part ostrich; I am not afraid to stick my head in the sand a little to keep my serenity.   You got some really lovely advice and support from other posters....
  Oh honey!!! BIG HUGS and much support to you! My advice would be to make sure to get a second opinion/more help if your OB isn't able to help enough. There are lots of PB medications... you should be able to find one that doesn't mess with your BG so much, I would hope!!
Yeah me too. :) Oh wait- I am 33!!! Yikes- how'd that happen?   With my 1st baby I did test my morning BG levels with a home kit. I was hypoglycemic, more than I actually ever thought I was, lol! I did a lot of work with diabetics in grad school, so it was no big deal for me to test myself. The MW was happy with that and I think it's a better representation than the 'test.'
Hey hon!! :) Sorry, I've been AWOL.... I just used amazon.com!!! 'Gabriella' brand, firm/moderate compression (20-30 mmHg) for $30 or so; plus free shipping. I got size medium and they seem to fit fine... I'm 5'7'' or so, used to be slender, lol!!! I show so much more than *any* of the other april mamas I know IRL... and there are quite a few!
Awwww.... no fun mama! :(   If it makes you feel better (probably not, but anyway) I gave up dairy for 2 years with ds and going dairy free made me feel WAAAY better! That was, after I got over the sadness of giving up lots of 'junk' dairy that I liked.   But after changing my diet I never went back to much dairy again. And even though ds was pretty lactose intolerant, after I was 'clean' I could cheat a little bit and we'd be okay.   So, after you get...
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