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I agree, totally here to obsess with you ;)
I would love the ebook! I've been considering scheduling a few days at home to give it a go. 
Carrie - What are your potty training plans? We are that point and I'm trying to decide what to do. Ben loves to sit on the potty and will occasionally use it.  My husband is super excited at the prospect of being done with diapers(laundry).
Just over 6 weeks, the belly is growing and I'm starving so those  are both good signs.   Carrie, I would move O day one more from where they did.
It's exciting to see Ryan thinking about his future! My brother is the same age and was talking to me yesterday about getting married and buying a new vehicle (he wants it to be family friendly).
MW: Currently scared and nervous, I've been spotting and cramping all weekend. I know that some of it can be perfectly normal but it's frightening. My midwives here can't help at all so I went ahead and scheduled an OB appt for next week to confirm pregnancy. I need to see an OB to get an ultrasound and blood work close to 20 weeks anyway. I don't want to go in to ER again unless I absolutely have to.
No time towrite yet :subbing
I think cargo space is super important. We have a Tahoe and I LOVE it, but when we put in the extra seats in the back we have hardly any space for "stuff".   Still sick over here, I finally went to the doctor for meds but the bronchitis is still going strong. 
I'm trying to catch up, but the internet has been SOO slow this week. Currently feel like I'm dying, stupid sinus/flu crud.   I hope that Ava feels better soon. <3
He actually asked me last night because I roasted him out of the bed, so this morning when I tested I woke him up to show him. :)   Fx for you chuord,any chance you ovulated later than you thought?
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