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Sorry Carrie I misunderstood, I don't think it needs to be something that is "taught" more of something that is explained along the way? When Becca was in school though we would make it a point to try to explain the holidays/events as they were coming up so that we were the first ones to give her the ideas/concepts to absorb. During a teaching years ago a man explained children's brains as sponges and if we fill them up with knowledge when they are thrown other...
Thanks Annie! Between the excitement and the nervousness my poor stomach is in knots.  Congratulations on both accounts! :) Not even 4 weeks yet (downside to charting maybe?)    We opted to go ahead and tell Becca though we aren't making it public yet. We've decided we'd like to celebrate it and be excited with our friends and family regardless of how long the baby  will be with us. Though obviously we are hoping for a sticky baby! We won't see the midwife until 12 weeks...
Thank you all! Who is supposed to test next???
Annie - As the others have already said trust your instincts but Ben is almost 25 months and just started talking. Colors, numbers, and letters aren't even on the radar right now. :)   Carrie - So glad you have a computer again!   Katrina - I'm happy you are at home with your family :)   I got a positive test today, slightly terrified! We haven't decided when to tell Becca/make it public.
  12DPO today, AF due tomorrow.
 Right there with you :)
 Then I would have my fx for an implantation dip and watch for it to go up :)
Renaissance - How many days is your usual LP? I know that bedding and such can affect temps, but I don't know by how much. It would be nice if there was a magic button! I hope you and DH are out celebrating this weekend.
   I agree that it doesn't look like you've ovulated yet, there is still time that you could ovulate this cycle. If you scroll down to the chart labeled "Pregnancy #2" I was sure I was going to have an annovulatory cycle. I typically ovulate between CD18-CD22,  by CD 37 we had given up that I was actually going to ovulate and decided that if we ended up pregnant it would be okay but we were tired of waiting for the "all clear".  I ovulated shortly therafter. I hope your...
11 DPO today, temp is back up again. Cervix is still nice and high, but I know that can change quickly.
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