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I am a PC-gamer. I tend to go in waves and right now the current game that we (DH and I) are playing is Killing Floor.
  I always stick with the first one, I would make a note though so you have the information. A tenth of a degree shouldn't greatly affect your chart.   Do you have a chart to share? Anything major going on this past cycle?
It looks like a lot of frustration and disapointment today. I am 10DPO today and had a temp drop, still above coverline but it was a drop. I am in between being positive we are out for this cycle and wishing we are pregnant...  AF is expected on Saturday, testing is planned for Sunday if she doesn't show up. 
Thanks for sharing MW :)
   I understand what you're saying, but if you are uncomfortable why would taking something herbal (Vitex, etc) be a bad thing? There are some months I have terrible mood swings and yes I could just live with it because it's normal and natural, or I could take supplements (B-Complex, Vitamin D, Vitex) to help calm things down again. 
   That makes sense, are there any supplements you can take to try and level things out a little bit?
   Ben feels the same way about the tub, he goes around signing and asking for a bath. I didn't think he'd be able to turn the water on by himself. I found out today that he can open the fridge!    Is premenopause a good thing MW?   Becca is spending the night with Nana and Papa tonight and I just finished prepping Latin for homeschool group tomorrow. We are having a huge(hopefully) LAN party this Friday so I need to work on cleaning up the house so that it can be...
Katrina - You are a rockstar! You must have one heck of an OB/Nurse to still be able to have had your second VBAC!        Ben has figured out how to turn the water on in the tub. Yesterday afternoon someone left the bathroom door open and after a few minutes we heard water running and couldn't find Ben. He was standing in the tub fully clothed with puppy slippers and had managed to get the water going. I'm not entirely a fan of his recent independence! 
  I hope things turn out how you'd like :hug  How are you doing today? I'm not a fan of the wondering game either!   Woo! How many DPO are you right now?   7DPO right now, tired but I think that's just due to the time change. Not much else to obsess over right now. My temps are still nice and high but I'm not expecting a drop until right before AF anyway. This is my second cycle post-miscarriage and my chart is much clearer than last cycle. Hopefully that means things are...
   My house has a different vibe when DH isn't here as well, but I do prefer him here. He goes away a couple times a year for hunting or business (for 2-3 days)and everyone is like "we can come keep you company while he's gone!" I really would prefer to have those couple days to just me and the kids. They are days when we can run whatever schedule we want and eat french fries and chicken for lunch and dinner :P    I'm sorry sleep has been so awful lately, I think that...
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