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Morning everyone!   I'm sorry for those of you that have AF visiting :(   Mamablue - I hope you and your DH were able to sit down and talk ::hugs::   I'm not a fan of time change at all, I've been up since much to early this morning! I do not feel pregnant in the least, but my chart looks pretty for now   http://FertilityFriend.com/home/862df
The TWW feels like it's dragging by, 6DPO today! No signs/symptoms to obsess over right now. I can't find the post but someone else recently said it was their 2nd month TTC and if they dont get pregnant this cycle they are waiting till summer, we are in the same boat.
    Woo!    We had a homebirth with our second and will be having another one when we are pregnant again. It was a wonderful experience.     Where are you at in your cycle? 
     I'm not much for makeup either, maybe it would give me something to do :)   Congrats Ultra! I finally bought a pack of digital tests so that once I get a positive test I can take one :)      Good luck! Temping can be both crazy as well as liberating. I like knowing for sure what my due date would be, if there is a good chance of pregnancy,etc..    AFM: Still waiting, trying not to think about it. I don't want to test until I'm due/late this time around. My chart
   It really depends on how many days your luteal phase is. If you are 6 days prior to AF but you have a 16 day LP then you would be 10DPO and have a small chance of getting an accurate test result. I would wait until the day before AF is expected at the earliest (as hard as that is).   AFM: 3DPO today, not much to talk about :)
Back for another TWW! I'm waiting for cross-hairs but I'm fairly certain that I O'd yesterday. This is our first time really trying to get pregnant and it's a very different experience from just letting it happen. At night I'm weighing my options of do I go to sleep or am I close enough that I should really have sex to better my chances? Very different.
Subbing :)       Katrina - Praying he comes soon! Were your others early/late?
   I understand about the lack of empathy, Becca seems to be running on the low side also. It is so very frustrating and it's something that it seems like should just be natural, not forced.   Don't feel guilty for not homeschooling, there are days when I wish I could send my kids to school! One of the reasons I didn't want to homeschool was because I wanted some time to myself, now that we are in the midst of it (a year in now) I don't notice as much if that makes...
Carrie - I think that you should be able to say that this is what your family does and you can discuss it as she gets older.   I don't plan on giving Becca the option of choosing whether or not she is homeschooled at this point in time (she is 7) and her participation in church is not negotiable. There are certain things we do or do not do and as part of our family that's just the way it is. We're not willing to let her choose right now, it's simply not an option. 
   Oh my goodness, do you have wine and chocolate??   This weekend has been an absolute disaster, nothing has gone as planned. Ben is still not feeling well and waking multiple times in the night, he's been on antibiotics since last Thursday. I had expected it to kick it by now :(      MW: How is Dylan doing?
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