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MW: Your chart looks lovely!   Annie: It sounds like the underwear is going well, it's awesome she was so excited to have them :)   Carrie: How are you feeling?   AFM: Tomorrow is bible study so I need to clean the house and get ready for company. Also I volunteered to make a meal for a family that is returning from the NICU with their baby, and I need to make a cake for a birthday gathering on Saturday. I thought my Friday was going to be quiet but it's...
I'm out for this month, I'll see you all in early March for my next TWW. :)
     They are probably planning on an early ultrasound (that would be around the 8 week mark right?) and that's why it will be in March. I normally don't get seen until 12 weeks. This first trimester means keeping up on your prenatals, sleeping lots, and eating whatever your stomach can handle. :)   Congatulations
Andrew and I had a wonderful afternoon out yesterday and got to enjoy a night in without kids (Papa kept them for an overnight, Ben's first one!). Feeling super down today though as it appears that AF is on the way and I had just assumed that she wouldn't arrive.   Ben is super grouchy today, a side affect from not enough sleep at Papa's and fighting something off. Praying he doesn't have strep as it is going around here also. Sorry you're sick Carrie :( How much...
    for you!  Welcome MamaTara! How old are your daughters?    Good luck with your next cycle! It looks like I'll be joining you shortly.     Good luck!    Renaissance31 - Looks positive to me! Congratulations!     Does your temp normally drop before AF? I had a drop today of .6(f) I'm expecting it means game over for this cycle. Hugs to you, it's very discouraging to be so hopeful and then have such a low temperature.      I'm sorry oxford :(     AFM: Temp dive today at...
      Yes, I very much caved this morning. It was sad to see a lonely line, but not unexpected. Waiting until Valentines Day (2 days late) to test again.
      LOL, I've learned long ago to not trust "symptoms", speculating is fun though! My hubby is one that he would prefer I wait till 18DPO so we know for sure and so the test is nice and dark :)   11 days in a row! Go you (and hubby!) ! Congratulations :)    I hope you're able to relax somewhat ::hugs::  I'm sorry AF is here :(   If my temp is up in the morning I may go ahead, I have several FRERs and a couple of digitals (we had FSA money left last year and needed to...
How early do you guys start testing? Tomorrow is 10DPO and I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to pull a test out or not. I know that technically I could just wait until later in the week (I have a 12 day LP), but... I want to know now? I need someone to enable me :P
Trying not to get to hopeful, 9DPO here.
   Doctors assume a 28 day cycle, with ovulation at day 14. When dealing with the doctor I do ovulation day minus 14 and use that as my "first day of period".
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