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    I think you may be right, I haven't had migraines since I was a child. It's almost 11:00 and there is still a lingering headache. Praying tomorrow is better!    I hadn't realized he still got reassigned, I assumed you guys were settled in permanently someplace. It sounds like you'll be trying to rent the house out so you can move together?    Annie I'm so sorry you're losing your milk, I love everything that Carrie said. 
I woke up with a horrible headache today and it still hasn't gone away, the vision disturbances are gone and I no longer feel like I'm going to throw up. I guess that makes I'm doing better?   Becca turned 7 yesterday and is busy cross-stitching today, my mom bought her one of the plastic canvas ones with the pattern printed on it. We haven't done school today, I can't think straight. We have homeschool group tomorrow which is already prepped for, we had a snowday...
Very cool Carrie, I'm going to have to look into a juicer/blender type something!    MW: Have you tried topping his diapers with a fleece liner? Most likely you have run the gamut of options, I just love our cloth and can't imagine not being able to use it :(
Carrots?? Really? I may need to get some also, any idea what is in them that makes such a difference? 
Cloth at night can be so hard, for the longest time we were just having to wash everything come morning because he had soaked through it all. We're currently using a cotton prefold + a bamboo/cotton flat  and it's been wonderful! His pajamas can fit over his diaper and I don't have to wash his sheets everyday :)
   I just checked the detector and it is set to FAM, I was thinking it had to be at least CD25 as well.Thank you for confirming I'm not crazy. :)   I'm sorry you had a rough night MW, is it always rough nights and it's just harder during your LP or is this out of the ordinary?
Anyone want to take a guess as to what day I ovulated? FF currently says one day and TCOYF says another, I know that I missed a couple (important) days when charting. We only stopped using protection recently so I don't even know if I should be considered in the TWW.
  Annie, I admit I wasn't sure at first about the elderberry syrup but it's been wonderful! It is so sweet I don't think that the kids would fight me to take it either.    I hope the evening has been calmer, we had two church services today I was so thankful when it was time to put kids to bed and enjoy a quiet house! There is a little girl at church that adores my daughter, but the little girl talks the whole time and drives me crazy. I don't want to parent other...
 onetwoten: How frustrating! I'm sorry that the visit didn't go as planned, I hope you're able to veg out and relax tonight.       We started taking elderberry syrup when we were dealing with that awful cold and it seemed to really help kick it. Regarding Finn's eyes I personally would keep doing what you're doing, even with antibiotic drops it still takes days to get better. If he starts complaining that his eyes hurt then I might change my tune, or if you hit day 3 or 4...
Baby_Cakes : I'm sorry you're sick,I hope it passes soon!   MW: How nice of your hubyb to give you a pedicure! I can relate with the quality time as well, I'm glad he is trying to spend time with you.   Annie: I'm so sorry for your friend :(   B is refusing to nap this afternoon, on a day that we have plans in the evening of course. I'm cleaning house and getting ready to celebrate R's 7th birthday tomorrow. When did my kids start growing up?   We are...
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