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We are hurriedly trying to finish up our basement in time for Christmas as well as doing everything else. My parents are watching the kids tomorrow so we can have a lunch date and finish some shopping. I'm not looking forward to shopping, but some time with my hubby will be wonderful.   I spent the afternoon in the ER today with our good friend and neighbor after her husband was taken in by ambulance. He had a heart attack and unfortunately didn't make...
   Added you, I had to wait till I was on a computer. :)    Ben has suddenly decided he is "2", he fusses over everything now and throws tantrums whenever I tell him no (which leads to him hitting and throwing things around the room). I'm hoping it is being exaserbated by the the fact that he is getting molars in and not that this is our new normal.        I'm sorry the photo session didn't go as well as hoped, we had pictures done in October and Ben was either crying the...
Rough day today. It's been 3 weeks since I miscarried, my relationships just feel fake anymore, including my marriage unfortunatley. I'm having a terrible time connecting with people. My house is cleaner than it has been in years, I'm not doing it conciously but I think I'm avoiding dealing with my emotions or thinking by cleaning. At this point in time as I couldn't even say what is actually wrong, I just feel empty.
  I completely understand, it makes lots of sense.   After spending nearly my whole day cleaning the basement (we started the project of "finishing" the basement back in April) it is mostly done. Sometimes all it seems is like I migrated the mess upstairs. *sigh*
I'm just going to jump right in :P   The love languages book is awesome, we just bought it to gift my brother for Christmas. He is in his first serious relationship and it seems like it might come in handy. My husband's love language is quality time, me spending an hour playing video games with him goes a long way in our relationship. My primary is definitely touch (holding hands, cuddling,etc..) outside of sex.   MW - Babies are exciting, I hope they get the...
Mw: I would love to hear more about how you school. We are currently homeschooling, but I'm finding that my current path isn't working for us.
I'm still apparently not going to be able to keep up here to talk to everyone, I'm friends with a couple of you on facebook, if anyone else would like to find me please send me a message. :) I am however still hoping to at least stop in semi-regularly, this is twice since summer that's progress! 
   Yea, I think we're finally all nearly recovered. I can't believe how long it took to go through the whole house. Hoping that's the end of it, it's just to bad we spent our last long weekend for awhile being sick. Seems like a waste!   I'll have to check and see if we want to go netflix or hulu+, we watched all we could for free. :) We haven't watched Dr.Who, my sister is obsessed with it though.      The rally looked awesome, a friend of mine posted this link to some...
Still getting the hang of forums+ tablet, but it's nice to see you all. :-) Not much going on here this weekend, we've all been sick.. I think we're over the worst of it, and the kids went to bed without meltdowns and they even had baths! The hubby and I have been watching Battlestar Galatica this weekend, ran out of free episodes on hulu though.
Yay Annie! It works! I have an Asus tablet, it has given me so much more freedom and ability to actually be online recreationally again. I love it.
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