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My oldest is not yet 5, so I'm obviously not there yet. What if they get muddy? We live in the swamp. If I didn't wash my kids'(or my own) jeans, they'd be really gross, and my house would be filthy. Do ya'll not live in muddy places ( I used to live in the desert, where it never would have crossed my mind), or do you tolerate the mud on floors and furniture?
there is a whole babyproofing industry that parents like you and I are keeping a float. We have a TV guard that does actually work. It's just a simple piece of plastic, but it has confounded both of my children. You can get outlet covers for both wall plugs and powerstrips. There are some that fit over the plugs. Baby gates are a best sanity saver ever. Doorknob covers really do work. All of these items are very affordable. I feed Jeff. I hold his cup. I hold his bowl...
Quote: Originally Posted by chfriend At 6 and 4, I wouldn't call it shoplifting yet....this sounded like it happened on an impulse. I'd explain that we can't take things without paying for them, discuss strategies for getting the eraser set on the up and up and tell them if I hadn't seen it we'd be open to being in pretty big trouble. And I'd ask them to stay closer to me in the stores. This is exactly what I would do. I think they are too...
Thanks everyone. I've solved this problem. I sewed some folded gerber diapers into his thin cotton pants, so I no longer have the need for undies.
I had Kushies for Ben. The fit was not good-very poofy. We only used them for a very short itme before we realized that he didn't seem to differenrtiate between them and diapers. We switched to cotton gerbers and stopped having misses. He was about 26 months.
My first child was not ECed till 12 months. These suits were all he wore for the first few months, mainly while he was in sposies. There are great if you don't need frequent access to the diaper area. For ECing, they are worthless. I tossed all of them and the new ones we got as gifts for Jeff. There are way too many snaps to be useful for ECing. The access just isn't that great, especially if you have a wiggly one. I tried doing only some of the snaps, for more discreet...
Would it be uncooth to take a baby out in just gerber undies and a shirt? I'm in Louisiana and it's already around 80 degrees. it'll be close to 100 next month. I expect a lot of misses,and I'd rather not have the hassle of shorts over the undies.
Both of my kids did this. I was hoping to get some good advice. I just make sure Jeff has a dipe on before I put him in the chair. Not ideal, but ya know whatever. I tried taking him out midmeal and pottying, but that ends up being a bgig production for very little profit.
The downside is the poop. Newborns tend to do both together at every feeding. You would catch the pee, but you'd have a very messy lap. You may want to try a bowl or bowl-like potty (I have a little teeny chinese potty bowl) held in your lap under his naked butt while you nurse. I still use mine with Jeff at 10 months. Usually I sit up, undiaper, sit him on the potty in my lap facing me, he pees (sometimes he nurses in that position), rediaper, then go back to sleep,...
Thanks for your responses. My first ds was ec'ed part time because I was in school, and dh refused. a few days ago a pt ecing friend referred to me as ecing full time. It kind of threw me because does wear a dipe most of the time(he will not pee outdoors anymore), even though I really do try to potty him as much as he will let me. I reallydidn't think we were part tiem, but I wasn't entirely certain we were full time either.
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