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Does anyone know how I could find someone who needs breastmilk, or preferably several someones?  Or someone who might like to cook with it in the next 36 hours?  Because my older daughter unplugged the chest freezer, and I now have 15.8 liters (over 4 gallons) of breastmilk that's partially thawed.  I'd cook stuff with it, but my baby is tube-fed, so no solids.  
It's homeopathy, if that answers your question.
Hands-free pumping bra. Absolutely the best thing ever for someone pumping more than once a day.
My kid started a Science Fiction club at her school. I win! j/k
No, you did say that it was untrue that "There is no homeopathic remedy that will stop an anaphalatic reaction." By which you are saying that there IS such a homeopathic remedy.
My inlaws were the same way. They live in another state, and when I'd call them to give them updates on the pregnancy (there were a number of issues, including a scary prenatal diagnosis at 12 weeks), it felt like they were just humoring me by letting me tell them stuff that they really had no interest in or connection to. And it hasn't changed since she's been born. They've inquired once as to her well-being, and that was because mil called needing the address for her...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpottedFoxx There is no homeopathic remedy that will stop an anaphalatic reaction. Quote: Originally Posted by Panserbjørne This is patently untrue. Do you have a link to some science I'm unaware of that says that?
We have the Chicco Keyfit, and it really does fit the itty bitties well.
I would not get the flumist, but the shot. And yeah, it's not at all contraindicated while breastfeeding. I got mine a little over a week ago.
I beg you not to try this out.
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